Day 10 of the "Draw your OC" challenge - Day 10: With a pet.

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Hello #hive friends. Here I am again greeting you in the same way I do every day. Today I have an illustration full of love, because as you saw in the title, today's challenge is about pets and I want to come and introduce you to Axel, my neighbor.

This cat, is and is not from my house, he came very small to the house next door and as my family and I like cats very much, obviously we petted him at the door of his house, until the little one realized that we live right next to him and that's when he started to come to our house every day.
Very quickly he gained confidence, and in a short time my neighbor's cat was sleeping in our beds all night long next to us.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-10 180739.png
This is one of the many pictures I have taken of Axel lying down with me.
Fun fact: My sister named Axel after him and the neighbors found out later so they decided to leave him.

The Process


At first I was thinking of illustrating myself with 4 cats, 3 of the neighbors and one of ours. Our cat is called KATO, then there is AXEL, then AKURA and MAW. Then I thought of turning things around, I chose a cat and decided that he would be for me, what I am for him, a giant bed hahahaha.






Friends! I just realized that I forgot to paint axel's nose hahahahahahaha, no way!
Well, that's all, I hope I transmit you the love I feel for this cat even if he is not mine. And that you liked the illustration. See you again tomorrow.




OMG so cuteeee, the background color is so cute! You are amaizing, hope to see more of your drawings!

Leyendo tu biografía me doy cuenta que hablas español jeje, me preguntaba, ¿dónde encuentras lo que corresponde a cada día?

Jejeje si soy de venezuela como tu jejejej jejeje me alegro mucho de que te guste lo que hago. Me hace muy feliz encontrar estos comentarios. Busca en san google "Retos de OC" eso es lo que estoy haciendo ahora, tomé una imagen de u reto que prometí hacer con mis amigas hace muchisimo tiempo (y que ninguna cumplió) y lo estoy haciendo ahora. :D

Muy lindo! Y esas patitas 😻 con cual programa hiciste?
Me identifiqué con su historia, acá vienen dos gatitos y se quedan por todo el día, hace poco que descubrí que son del vecino del fin de la calle jaja