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hello hello I do not show each other a different kind of art with which I recently started working and honestly I really like what the end result is this another kind of art in which he paints on stones small beautiful stones that have a good area shape which allows to paint on the surface Today I decided to make for my grandfather's birthday because he has bees and creates honey and loves nature in general I decided to make him a modest gift in which I put my heart and soul and painted it on a stone bees which pollinate a donkey thorn


Here we start with the first step we choose a nicer stone that has killed and with a nice surface that allows you to paint freely And then I choose the colors on which will be the first part the first stage in which there will be a wave the first stage is the background which will be white and on which it will contrast with absolutely all the colors I paint


after I made the white background and ate some pie I waited for it to dry But honestly I can't wait to dry completely and took an old hair dryer to blow off the paint haha ​​And did you do something like that and then when the paint dried slightly quite well Since I could easily mix the colors with the white paint which is for the background and so I got a lot of flowing colors which honestly They told me played a pretty good role in the whole picture then I started to sketch the donkey thorn.


honestly for the first time I paint bees and donkey thorns on a stone with tempera paint for all this challenge was quite difficult for me but I easily created everything in an hour which was quite surprising because I work much slower when I take with someone a new endeavor in art with this I was quite surprised how fast it turned out the stone is somewhere around 20 cm as a space I often say I'm a little quarrelsome with small spaces I prefer to paint on huge canvases and on huge stones and walls and whatever to be as large as possible and you on what surfaces and what space and what is your favorite art form


when the whole picture dried up a bit I started playing with light and shadow first started with the donkey thorn to create As much as I can in a realistic picture to create life in the flower as well as in that personal and then I started dealing with bees I surrendered








and veil a garden that Grandpa can happily put next to the bed in the garden and where he wants I even decided to make a message on the stones on the back of the meat to paint more that face or make a card separately because for me a gift also consists of to go out your soul and meet the man who stands who has a holiday to write what comes to you from the heart and soul I decided to write about him A message to the honey that he creates with love for the world and thus makes it better as he created and my family, which loves him Infinitely very much, so with messages and to you I wish you a very sweet life like honey of grandfather ... Creativity like the flowers of the Flowers ... And light in her hearts❀️

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