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A boring gray T-shirt turned into an old work of art through which I created my love for owls. Created with textile paints that are washed when washing, this T-shirt is a gift with a message from a man to a woman, and would you ladies be happy with such a gift? I love this type of art because it gives you the freedom to choose what to paint on your clothes .. To be unique original and unique .. ❤️



the process of this kind of art is a bit slower than usual because on the T-shirt that will be made you have to wash it with an iron at room temperature and then lightly and precisely pass the first base of the picture you want to be on your clothes. then wait 24 hours for the first base to dry nicely and then little by little to sketch the other details and the production of such a t-shirt is in a period of about two weeks and after everything dries well it is ready for the new one. you are a happy owner









First I start with the first stage which is to catch the sympathy in the picture every detail that needs to be done before applying the colors every face every feature and every little contour to write this great picture of two Owls in Love
I do every little detail then wait for the first base of the paint to dry nicely as you don't have to mix the colors it's for a more exquisite it's a beautiful picture and for a better effect
then a little less do the background which background is the presence of Many different colors as something like a palette of all the colors of the rainbow The more the more wonderful the more the flood builds the more fun I think about it a magic from the rainbow






at one point I was honestly a little scared because my white paint ran out and it was the basis for the contrast between gray, black and white is absolutely all the other bright colors of the rainbow and I had to order white paint online at the last minute because my city is quite small and there are no such extras as textile dyes, however, the adrenaline was at the level of lol, it's nice to sometimes go up for a better creative expression and new ideas, so I'll even admit that along with all this adrenaline I came up with the idea to write a message from the man to his beloved to read it every time he dresses her and to remember how much he loves her.❤️






I created this work with great happiness and a little anxiety because I was working on such a project for the first time and we knew if it would work well, but honestly I was quite happy with myself .. Ha ha
I adore such challenges, they inspire me and make me move forward with a smile and never give up on what I create because for me the first priority is to bring happiness to people to make them happy with what I create and make a better world when I see people smiling and happy










From the moment I saw you, I fell in love with you. You became my girl, my dream come true, my faith, my support, my wife. For all this, I want to thank you
This is the message I wrote about the queen of this man, thinking about what would move me and what I would be happy about, and so I came to the conclusion that when you connect emotionally with your work you give pieces of yourself and thus create an art with love and kindness for the happiness of the world and with the joy I bring to people I now feel the most satisfied artist .. 🎨🎨🎨

Greetings from me Janissa ❤️🎶🎭

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Owls are mysterious but cute creatures, I love your art, this shirt, amazing.