Which superhero death is your favorite one?

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I know superhero deaths are usually a sad event but these situations always require some creativity from the writers. I watched The Boys series last year when the first season was released and I loved it. I loved the black humor and the way they portrayed the superheroes as cruel double-faced scumbags. Which is a much more realistic attitude than the typical superhero from Marvel or DC who is all perfect and incorruptible.

I loved this series so much that I am currently watching season 1 again but this time with some family members while we wait for the final episode of season 2 to be released to start watching the new season.

Now, I will mention a spoiler from episode 2 of season 1.

In this episode, 3 normal guys have captured Translucent whose superpower consists of turning invisible anytime he wants and having a super-strong skin that cannot be damaged. For several reasons, these normal guys decide that the only safe choice is to kill Translucent, otherwise their lives would be at risk because he already saw their faces.

They try to kill him with electricity, with bullets, with all sorts of stuff and his skin is able to resist it all. But then, one of the guys, the pothead, figures that Translucent insides must be soft, only his external skin is indestructible. So, they decide to shove a bomb through Translucent's ass and when activated, it should blow up Translucent from the inside out. This is an excellent way to kill a superhero and I am sure most people will enjoy the creativity behind it.

If you want to see this death here is the scene:

Do you know a superhero death that's cooler than this one and which superhero death is your favorite one?