Supporter Video | "Cuties" reaction starting to snowball | News from Mirror World

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In this supporter video I go into more news from mirror world as well as the snowball reaction of the Cuties controversy - I also go into the a strange post on 4chan - which most likely is fake - but its claimed to be a whistle blower with the inside scope into the Biden campaign - if its fake, its some good creative writing anyway. I also go into a lot of video clips as well as what is happening in Covid-1884 Australia where people are now being arrested for not "having their papers" or IDs on them. Timecodes/links are below:
BLM/Antifa try to get in hospital:

County Commissioners exposed as idoits/zombies:

Cuties reactions snowballs further:

5 million sub Youtube reacts to Cuties:

General news from mirror world:

Real or fake Joe Biden leak:

General news from mirror world 2:

Australia arrested from "no papers":

Pallet cleanser:

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Very well done