@theouterlight, In a way World is always busy in Constant Battles, Conflicts and Riots.

Let's pray and hope that Pure Peace will return one day.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

yes, I agree, stay blessed and hope for peace!

Thank you.

Nuts. I'm so glad we have Hive to be able to share our views and not be controlled.

I 100% agree. I am glad smarter people than me, could at least give us a place to speak!

Yes I think the same thing sometimes! We are so lucky that this blockchain and various websites exist in this day and age, im thankful for those smart people! Hive is a sleeping giant but everyday it's starting to wake up I believe!

It seems likely that the assassin was a child, due to their size. It is therefore of critical import to ascertain who put them up to it.

This is why the enemedia have censored completely the financial contributions of George Soros, who appear presently to ultimately be the source of incentive to assassinate those two police officers, as well as the riots and arson in American cities. The complicity of the enemedia and various jurisdictions in America and the world becomes obvious when seeking opposition to those crimes.

Who is effectively acting to oppose those crimes George Soros is paying for?

No one in government. No one in corporate media. Newt isn't opposing them effectively. He's just saying enough about Soros to be supported by folks that are being threatened by such crimes, who see no one else even mentioning it.

We the people alone suffer these crimes, and are in opposition to them, because the governments we have sought to deploy to prevent, prosecute, and mitigate them have been corrupted by criminals.

That sure includes the LAPD, even if their personnel are now being targeted by the global forces seeking totalitarian power. Collateral damage is demonstrably tolerable in conquests, or conquests would be impossible.

Many LEOs need to carefully consider they're role today in light of extant conditions, as must military personnel. Let's hope the requisite force necessary to implement the plans of the banksters will be impossible.