CryptoBrewMaster: Buy swag and get refunded | Reblog and get NFT

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Now buying stuff makes you eligible for a "refund" in our trail upvotes!

As you might know, team - @cryptobrewmaster has a trail HP ~ 350K and growing, so we decided to push full votes distribution among the CBM community, and here are the conditions of getting upvoted:


User that bought any asset from 9.99 HBD becomes eligible for support of his @cryptobrewmaster related posts per 30 days from the buy date!

  • Grab an in-game assets for no less then 9.99$
  • Write a good quality game-related post in any language*
  • Use #cbm #cryptobrewmaster hashtags
  • Receive #cbm full trail vote for the good quality game related posts in 30 days

*Low quality posts, or any content that our curation team will find out offensive or just bad quality will not be upvoted.

People eligible (bought 9.99$+ during the last week)


Got more questions: please submit in the comments!

Reblogging this gets you an NFT for free (Wax Wallet required in the comments)


The links

Supporting @rollie1212 as a Hive-Engine witness => Hive Engine decentralized


Application ->
Vote ->

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Here is my wallet: kcvqw.wam

Wax Account: r3jq.wam

LOL & my post


Опять статью проспал!!!

Ре-послал статью.


Як бонус зробив ще один реблог. І да, передайте за нагоди @advocatus - ти редиска! (більше я з тобою сперечатись не буду (жартую))

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thanks for playing! keep pushing!

Good way to promote and push the game! I like the constant development of it, with new surprise on a timely base!

!BEER for the @cryptobrewmaster

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many thanks!

Done! Bueno desde comencé a jugar, hace poquito tiempo he visto muchísimas mejoras espero que sigan mejorando para atraer más jugadores.

wallet: 4mqqy.wam

Still have the NFT for me?😅
My WAX acc: s.db4.wam

Out of touch from the game for quite some time, will try to engage again.

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Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @stranger27 for you. Enjoy it!

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In for the NFT! :) Wax adress:

WAX: vlday.wam

Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @alexvan for you. Enjoy it!

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Reblogged as always!


wax wallet: akyqy.wam

Nice way to promote
Wax address - user_7222019

account doesn't exist sry

check this..

Thanks for giveaway.
My wax wallet is: vdyqw.wam



Wax f.jqw.wam

Nice! I am going to buy more packs for sure... :P

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Reblogged! Wax wallet: sowrm.wam