Making money off Marxism...Ya gotta love it!

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It fills me with great pleasure to see marxists forgo their ideology by chasing the moola, wonga, dosh, dollar, hive ...i.e MONEY - and making some profit!

Not only does this highlight to everyone just how so full of shit these self proclaimed social justice warrior's are to the world, it proves that no matter what, free markets work.

I present my first piece of evidence to the jury...

pkr 9june 30 days.jpg
Stellabelle banned me from her 'BLM' room, for pointing out some uncomfortable truths about the Marxist movement that BLM is (and then subsequently blocked me! lol).
Marxist hate having truths put before them - not only does it force them to think, it shows everyone else around them, just how shallow their thought processes really go.
Politicking falls flat with truth as the moral compass.(and politicking is essential to marxism, so as to con the masses).
But then I noticed that she's selling some art pieces that's she made ( inspired by the support of BLM movement).
The BLM room has gone very quiet, btw... maybe it was merely a PR exercise to act as a platform to sell product?
Brilliant, if true...
(This isn't something I'd do personally - because I'm perfect - but ya gotta love opportunism if that's what it was).

I might be critical of stellabelle's position, but I'm applauding her use of the capitalist system, and free markets!

stellabelle.gif highlights the living, breathing, walking, paradox that is leftist ideology.

Speaking of which...
pkr 9june 30 days.jpg

I present my second piece of evidence to the jury..

Getting rich off BLM AND covidiots at the same time! (social Darwinism and transferring wealth to where it could be better utilized, in action ? ... Who knows)

If '1984' and 'idiocracy' are instruction manuals, then maybe this is, too...

One mans political and social statement, is another mans instruction manual for what do to when the adult children get a little too rowdy, and need to be put to bed (or sleep, whatever).
pkr 9june 30 days.jpg
hit juuuuuuust 'here'

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Marxists are the biggest liar on earth. It's just a con to take power, wealth and money from everyone, using sheeple, for a new ruling class to emerge.

They are just seeking wealth in another way than providing value to the market. They con sheeple and then use force to loot and finally propaganda to justify that they "the wise leaders of the people revolution" to gorge on caviar and first class vodka :).

but yeah, making money off of them, so cool !

I thought about doing some t-shirts (to sell to lefties), with some slogan on that was taking the piss out of them - in subtle way - but looked, initially -like a pro left message!lol