MARXISM v FREE MARKETS - In gif form - for those who are hard of understanding reality and theory

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Marxist 'philosophy' (I use that term very loosely), relies on intellectual lies and contradictions to operate.

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It's a 'lightweight' in comparison to the free market, and cannot compete - no matter how much it tries to control.
Marxism is all about control of the market.
The market just IS.
It needs no other control mechanisms to oversee it.

Marxism is all about control of the market.
It's both futile and pathetic,and driven by people with more ego than brains.


Look at the the gif below to understand everything about marxist ideology.

It is not based in the real world - nor does it apply or adhere to the basic laws of supply demand and price discovery.

Marxism tries to alter reality to achieve it's authoritarian goals.
Fuck, does it try.
...Mostly through manipulation, intimidation, and genocide.(because it has nothing valid to offer).

So, watch the gif - and see the 'marxist pedestrians' try to control the car.
Through intimidation and shouting loudly.

....Shouting loudly, being aggressive, and trying to control a 1.5 ton car ( the free market).

This is what happens..

Time to move on from a disproved, intellectual exercise.

An intellectual exercise that's also happened to have genocided hundreds of millions of people, starved tens of million to death - and tortured millions in the process.

Leftism is so last century, old fashioned, a failed experiment, and best left in the annals of failed endeavors.


Marxism is all about control of the market.

Are you aware that the federal reserve is buying stocks in order to prop up the market?

I throw terms like 'marxism' 'communism' 'leftism' 'collectivism' etc. around in wild abandon! (not always the correct term, in the correct context.Ooops. lol)

Marxism (more communism in this context) IS the fed reserve.

Forget labels (designed to distract).

ANY system that has central banking IS communism.
If capital is the requirement to the means if production, and a central authority controls that currency - and it's interest rates (ie no price discovery), then that is a centralized means of production.
Owners/shwoners, is just another label.

If you're in debt, you don't own jack shit.

Phenomenal analysis.

That should be in your next post!

My next post?
I've been shouting this out for the last

Do you realize that a free market requires free-movement of capital AND free-movement of labor?


Countries are the organic working model of decentralization (without any empire building!lol)

Tariffs,(or transaction tax) for infrastructure/security - and not internal taxes, fixes this problem of neolib/NWO/central banking, and free markets.

Let countries 'bid' for populations by making then an attractive proposition of where to live/work.

No coercion, but incentives.

Sorry if that's an over generalized reply - I'm still on my first coffee!

Ten points for the driver👍