If it walks like a bee, and talks like a bee, it could well be a hornet...truth and samples.

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In continuation of the my last post, I've put together a quick example of how logic, pictures, and showing people the reality behind the faux image and subterfuge - can be held to the light.

Truth and accountability - to yourself.

Truth and justice - She's a beast.. and she's hot..... if you don't find her hot, then it's 'you that has a problem, Houston'....

Picture1 010.jpg

This is a first draft - there will be more...Improved versions, funnier versions - you get the idea....

Feel free to use them and drop into any comment section of accounts that support tyranny (unwittingly or otherwise).

Those without conscience will be pissed at being exposed, and those unaware - but decent - people - will thank you. (eventually)...

Tell the truth, and shame the devil....(or is that 'devilepers'?..lol)



lllp - Copy.jpg


viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

xxx - Copy.JPG

snap (5) - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg


He was so talented...

...and with an adorable voice for singing...



What goes around comes around.

...Indeed sir, indeed....Good, innit?


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Make another hitler video!!
Those were funny.

...there's a reason I used the nazi paradigm in my serious post, don't ya know? lol

Video coming soon!

and I'm uploading a vid now - watch it - it's a very powerful argument.
If you disagree with the premise - you're a sadist (unconsciously or otherwise - ouch lol)

When ever I come to a fence with 'DO NOT CROSS! DANGER!' I start by looking through the slats, if any.
Sadism is perfectly acceptable to the one dishing it out.

And acceptable to those in denial of being a sadist - cloaked in morals...

But it's such a cute bee!