Confused ?..You will be...Welcome.

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I've been here long enough, first steem and now hive, to be considered a 'veteran' of the platform(s).

This was me, three months after joining steem, (way back then).

I'm probably being optimistic in my estimations there, it was probably more like 6 months...

And not too long after that, this was me...

When things don't add up, they just don't add up...
2+2 = 4 , yet my math didn't agree with my perceptions...I had an itch.
I mentioned it many times, and posted my theories on the issue, but as the saying goes;
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

When Hive forked from steem, this was me...

A new platform, without the old 'itches'.
Or so I thought.
It didn't take me long before this started again...

My math still wasn't adding up...
Then I discovered this , while on my journey of studying psychology...

cvg - Copy (10) - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg
The source of my itch had been found!
'If it talks like a reasonably intelligent person, and walks like an authoritarian loving conformist, the chances are, it's a midwit'

And this is me, right now....

How do you explain to a midwit - whose salary/self esteem/social standing/placid mind, depends on his not understanding it - that something is very, very, wrong...?

You don't.

Have great weekend, everyone !


How did you go from being a white Trans. to a black Trans. in just six months on the platform...?!?!?!?

Seems like that would make for an excellent post. I'm fairly sure @frot would love to know the answer...

lol - Stop oppressing me man, I can be any gender - or color - I like !


POB will change the game ! It's already changing in so short time !

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Don't or can't? Is it a complete lost cause? Your title is accurate.

pinged you a contact request on mewe

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This was so funny

You have been confused from the onset when the math wasn't adding up, and no one was trying to see reasons with you

I agree with you

You don't waste valuable time trying to explain to a midwit that something is wrong

It will be the most difficult and most daunting task you have ever undertaken because they don't want to understand anything as long as their money is on the line

Great gifs, they spiced this up greatly

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Yeah STEEM was the biggest scam, hope HIVE doesn't turn into the biggest scam, however it being a cut copy paste job of the previous biggest scam, less some ninja mine scam from the other side, HIVE can never be all better. Not to mention the fact that now, there price of STEEM went higher than HIVE despite everything that happened - It makes no sense and I call everything a scam, until HIVE at least starts to move like EOS, then I'd be ok with it!!

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"How do you explain to a midwit - whose salary/self esteem/social standing/placid mind, depends on his not understanding it - that something is very, very, wrong...?" quote of the decade by @lucylin

you get it, you really , really get it ;)

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Midwits are narcissists, and narcissists play a sick game, rigged in their favour; every move you make just reinforces the positive feedback loop, and the only way to win is not to play.

Of course, that's easier said than done in many cases...

of course, am noticing who benefits but IS NOT commenting on this new "tax" post which was rather a dramatic test to see how people reacted, I'm not a guinea pig and neither is anyone else
If Hive is to be a bank which is what I see these proposals as then fucking call a spade a spade and drop this dpos decentralized bullshit that brings in legit good people who often leave due to said...midwits
thanks for the thoughtful comment,

Maybe it's because I'm done working for the day and am a bit lit at the moment, but I don't quite follow... What is this "tax" post of which you speak, and does it have anything to do with otherwise well-paid posts being downvoted "just because the payout is too high?" I haven't been following this debacle closely, and became aware of it mainly because of an earlier post in the Free Speech community that specifically called out @smooth for his behaviour... though, prior to that, I had noticed, for some reason, that such downvoting was not limited to particularly "inflammatory" posts from the likes of @lucylin, but also innocuous content from the likes of @andrianna (I could drop an offender's name or two there as well, but I prefer not to bite the hand that feeds me just yet - need to sharpen my fangs first); so much for the "just downvote people you disagree with" idea!

'Inflammatory' = posts that ask questions and make people think...lolol

...check out my last 2 weeks of downvotes !.... it's nothing short of a childish tyranny. (well over $150)

VERY bad optics.

"Inflammatory" basically means "unpopular opinion" or "truth conveyed via acid wit" at this point. I'm aware of how bad the downvoting is - at first, however, I thought it was limited to people with unpopular opinions. It isn't, hence my mention of @andrianna. I hate to have to bring her into this, but she's every bit the victim of this systemic abuse as you.

sad but true..

I'm on steem. I had no clue it had crypto. Have I got steem somehere and don't even know it? Don't go on there hardly at all.

yes- log into your steem account and click on 'wallet'!

Yeh I actually did, tiny amount in there but asks for wallet key which I don't have. I only have one password for steemit. I was just using it like a safe place to stash some of my writings.

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the keys for steemit and hive accounts are the same until you change them but they both have 5 in total

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My steemit account is not linked to this one. Shepz1 gave me this account. I have no idea how to use my old steemit account. I only ever remember being given one password and I even wrote it down in my address book. That was some years ago. I had no idea about the fork and that I could migrate with it.

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All the old steemit accounts were copied across to Hive at the hardfork, so it will be here still

oh will have a little look see. Thanx

I have stopped wasting energy on midwits and I feel so much better. Life is good.

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amen to that

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