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I have this fear of being wealthy and giving out all I own to someone else. I don't consider myself the best individual, however, I know I try in my own way to make everything right where ever I am.
Right now I live with my brother's ex-wife and it's a really noisy house. I'm here just to complete my Language class and then I'll be homeless once again as I decide whether I want to live with my parents or disturb some of my other siblings in their houses.

In this house I live, I have a cousin who has lived here for about 5 years. She helps take care of my nephews. She's not much of a talker and tends to have a sense of responsibility about her that I've come to love.

She takes care of everything and I love her for it. However, she's not exactly book smart.

Her results from her Senior School certificate exams were terrible even though she was allowed to cheat in all her papers. It's hard to understand how she failed in such a situation but she did.

She currently has nobody to send her to the university. However, she was sent to take some classes in Fashion and she stopped because she can't keep up.

I'm not happy about her state so I had a talk with her and she says she wants to go to a University. I can't afford to do that, so I'm thinking about what else I can do for her.

I told her I could afford to help her get an online degree. But she has no clue how to use a computer system or laptop. So, I've been thinking about sending her to a computer school lately.

I haven't told her, but I'm making enquiries on a school around where she could take some basic classes and if she does well enough I could figure out a way to push her to go further.

This idea bothers me because of how prudent I am with money. I'm hoping she buys into the idea and puts in her best because I'm the one paying for it.

I was thinking about pushing myself and maybe involving my family to send her to the university. But I had a rethink.

I've been advocating digital skills and here I am trying to succumb to the silly pressure of our society.

I've been thinking about how to delegate a few of my activities to make my work a bit lighter but I don't have anyone who will accept little to no pay for such a task. So maybe who knows, she might be my new employee if it all works out.

I have this funny attitude of planning everyone's life and making plans for them according to my needs. Sometimes, it works out, other times it doesn't. I hope this is one of the positive times.

Wish me luck!

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Well good luck with that, it might just be the magic she needs in her life.

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Yeah, I only hope so. I'd hate to waste money.

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It's beautiful that you're trying to do something nice for her. I hope she appreciates the value of what you intend to do, I understand what it feels like using your money for someone who may not value it

If in the future it leads her to greater heights, I'm pretty sure she'll look back and be grateful that you were there for her.

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Yeah, I hope so. Money is never easy to come by.

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Right now I live with my brother's ex-wife

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Not quite, disaster would be living with my brother. The story is absurd.

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Oh boy...

Skools here rarely deliver on the value you pay for what you get, maybe a trade would be better for her?
Start her own industriousness.
Best thing a parent can teach its child is how to put bread on the table.