WAX Airdrops 10 Million NFTs, Demonstrating its Muscle

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So World's leading NFT network, Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is making history once again by doing the largest NFT airdrop in the NFT history. You heard it right, the airdrop will feature 10 million NFTs, celebrating the major milestones the blockchain have achieved since its main net went live back in 2019.

There will be 10 million NFTs airdropped to first 10 million wallets created to Wax. The airdrop will happen in 10 segments, with 10 unique Pins celebrating milestones in Wax history. In each segment 1 million of NFTs will be airdropped.

By performing airdrop, WAX wanna demonstrate its ability to handle massive transactions while remaining 100% carbon neutral(delegated Proof of Stake technology).

10 million NFTs sure sounds like a lot, right? Well, with WAX’s technology, it shouldn’t feel too different from dropping a single NFT — and we’re going to prove it to you.

The airdrop began yesterday in with first 1 million wallets created on Wax receiving the 1st pin. Other pins will be airdropped to remaining wallets in chronological order.
Further Airdrop Details

As it happens, I am among the first 1 million wallet created on Wax, so I have received the 1st pin. Here have a look:


The airdropped pins might not be worth that much, but that's the point. They serve as a reminder of milestones Wax have so far achieved and as a technology demonstrator of what this beautiful blockchain is capable.


WAX is no doubt the king of NFTs, as the blockchain continues to remain world's top blockchain in terms of trading volume. It is processing 15 to 20 million transactions per day and have recently surpassed 11 million unique wallets, without any hiccups. Imagine what that many transactions would do to Ethereum network. Whereas other competitors like Polygon and Solana claiming to have high scalability, have already started to falter to their claims.

Wax success can be attributed to its lower entry barrier, thereby attracting not-so crypto savvy gamers. An average newbie crypto gamer can sign up to Wax by just using their Google, Steam, or Facebook accounts, without having to worry about private key management and transaction fees. Moreover Wax NFT marketplace can be accessed via Fiat or crypto payments.


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