Ask Leo: Is Stopping to listen to the naysayer the best way we can achieve success?

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The rate of our chances of achieving success is determine by our believe, consistent, determination and strength to keep driving on and by staying motivated because there is a step to achieving success and becoming a failure but it depends on which direction we set to choose.
Those richest people you see today have made a lot of mistakes in the past and likewise they have once failed in what they do. But they are not a failure because they keep learning even though they don't get it right at the beginning but the fact that they never give up provide them the privilege to be where they are today.

There is one thing ever investors should have in mind especially when investing. One should be able to stick with positive habits and stay from the habits that can fend one away from achieving success.

We should always have it in my mind that not everyone really love to see us strive in what we do. There are people who could go to any length just to make sure that we are not flourishing and those people can be referred to as a "naysayer".

What is the meaning of naysayer

Naysayer are those people that don't want one to strive, all what they can do is criticize, denies or opposed us.

Naysayer can really be a major obstacles for us from attaining success because we keep listening to what they say. Their words will always hurt us if we keep listening to the them because they will always find a way to bring one down. They will tell you that you won't be able to achieve success in a specific project and keep criticizing one with with know specific matter.

Their words keep inculcating fear in to our minds and in the process we see ourselves as failure who can't achieve anything. But but that's not what we are.

We should Stop listening to what anyone is saying negatively towards our lives and have a great confidence in ourselves with a spark of motivation. Naysayer believe that since they can't achieved it then they should not anyone also do it. Believe in yourself, keep driving and stay motivated. Keep going no matter what people say, in as much as you don't give up then you will get to where you're going by reaching your goals because if you really have the will to do it then you can achieve it.

Keep motivating yourself with a motivational speech from people out there that have went through what you're going through right now and learn through their words to get over every hindrance.

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