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One year of Hive

Hive has just turned 1 year old and, even though I've been around for 3 months only, I already read and heard from a lot of people that I met during this time about how much Hive has changed and how much it has impacted their lives.

Most of you probably know even better than me how important some communities have been in bringing Hive to what it is today and it goes without saying that LeoFinance is one of those communities. Even if you are new, like me, you have probably heard about the recently launched Cub and the upcoming Project Blank and you know how big those things can be.

With that being said, we get to the main purpose of this post:

Let's Bring Leofinance Witness To Top 20

The team behind LeoFinance has shown over and over how committed and capable they are when it comes to building things that will add value to the Hive blockchain and because of that I think they deserve to be in the top 20 witnesses so they can have even more influence on the future of our beloved Hive.

How to vote

If you never voted for a witness before, don't worry because it's pretty easy.

All you have to do is go to https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses, look for Leo Finance on the list (at the moment this post was written, they are on the 26th position), and then click on the little ^ button to the left to cast your vote.

Spread the word

If you also believe in the immense value that LeoFinance brings to Hive and wish to help to get them to top 20, then join this campaign and spread the word! Reblog this post, create your own posts, tell a friend, anything goes! Let's capitalize on the network effect and bring as many people as we can!


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