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I have posted an article on a site that is common knowledge to all bloggers writing before cryptocurrency started paying. It’s common knowledge, but it surprised me that one member on that site showed her doubts about these facts. Anyone can read my article the references provided at the end.

I said, “You have asked some nice questions and I have the answer to all of them. But I would love to write my answers as an article with your permission to use your profile picture and the text of your comments point by point, with your permission, of course. I will donate all the 1UP in the donation room if any is brought in by that post!

No, I was not much surprised by her comment because she was not active in online writing when it started and they decided to pay through various payment methods for writing. But then I collected some data and posted it here with her permission, of course.

She said, “Wow, I never knew that!” Do they change the value of the rate that they disperse, based on the country? How do they do this? Is it written into the code to change the rate based on location? Do the users know that when they sign up?

Now, I am saying they certainly do it and do it openly, barring sites that have no Google algorithm control over their revenue and adverts, as the crypto websites pay through various cryptocurrencies! I am not working on any PTC sites, but if you read their FAQ, they openly tell you the difference between pay-per-view and subscription. The same is true for writing sites that work on the pay-per-view model and they clarify it in their FAQ as well.

I know that here in the USA, the minimum wage differs based on location. It is only $8.56 in Florida (where I just was), but here in California it is already $13 and going to rise to $15.

But then again, the cost of living varies so greatly as well. In Florida, gas is about $2/gallon, but here in California, it’s about $3.50/gallon! Ugh, so bad! LOL.

And even real estate is so different, too. The cost of a beautiful house in my mom’s community will cost about $350k.

But the same house in the exact same type of neighborhood here in California will easily be over $950k.

So I know that is why the minimum wage is so different here compared to Florida. (and even that doesn’t make up for the massive difference in the cost of living) but people choose to be in California, anyway. Hahaha

I don’t know, I don’t know how people can continue to afford to live here when the cost of living is rising with every single item now! And taxes are OUTRAGEOUS in California but so low in Florida! LOL.

She said-But do you think that’s why the sites do it too?

Because the cost of living in those countries is so much higher too?

I know that people live on their earnings here on this site in different countries, but I could never live on the earnings here.

I said, “I know what you mean, madame; you want to say that sites pay different rates to different countries because the cost of living in different countries is different, so they pay different rates to different countries.” Is that right? But do you know that while the income differs in different states in the USA, the income differs among the races as well in the US? So do they charge a different price for the same house for different people too?

Check it out, please, to see the difference in the income of Americans.

You can read that data here.

I wanted to say you know what, when you do not work for money, money follows you. It’s probably the same as when you show no interest in a person, he/she tries to attract you even harder. So now money follows me even if I am not trying that hard.

I said, "Tiger Lily it’s never been an option for me either, and I admit I am writing since I did not even know about PayPal and other paying methods."

She said It’s why I don’t write for money here. hahaha Like you, I just can’t. It is all about the passion to write and enjoy what I do. not writing for money."

She further said, "I’d love to have the time to write for passion AND money! LOL!!! I’d love to do both!!! But I don’t think it’s an option for me right now, so I’ll settle for passion and enjoyment."

I said- "Same here. I did not know that Amazon paid for bringing sales through the affiliate program. But I learned them all after 4 years of writing on various sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Yahoo, and now I don’t even remember how many more, but after reading members’ comments about earning potential, I realized it was even possible to write on websites. I did it for my love of writing too!"

Now, I have been writing for 17 years, and I earned my first cent in 2009 through PayPal. Do you know PayPal is not available to many countries, whatever their earning capacity? Do you know that people in any country cannot withdraw their earnings under a prescribed limit, but, they can withdraw even 50 cents in the US, where the earning and living standards are so high?

But after reading her comment, I then decided to give her facts. Then I went to different reliable sources like Adsense and YouTube and compiled some data from the internet on various facts and then collected these facts which will prove my point. This will show you the average cost per click (CPC) from the lowest average CPC.

The United Arab Emirates is the only country with a CPC that is 8% higher than the national average.

Look at the other countries-

Look at the other countries-

Austria - CPC 2% less than the US average.

Australia- CPC 5 percent -do-

Brazil- CPC 11% -do-

The United Kingdom- CPC 13% -do-

New Zealand- CPC 14% -do-

Chile- CPC 16% -do-

Switzerland- CPC 21% -do-

Italy- CPC 25% -do-

Canada- CPC 29% -do-

Germany- CPC 31% -do-

Turkey- CPC 32% -do-.

Finland- CPC 33% -do-

Jamaica - CPC 33% -do-

Norway- CPC 34% -do-

The Dominican Republic- 40% -do-

Ireland- CPC 40% -do-

Iceland- CPC 44% -do-

Portugal- CPC 44 -do

Greece- CPC 46 -do-

Lebanon- CPC 47 -do-

Japan- CPC 47% -do-

Sweden- CPC 49% -do

Spain- 50% - -do-

Mexico- CPC 50% -do-

Cambodia- CPC 51% -do-

Armenia- CPC 52% -do-

South Africa- CPC 55% -do-

Israel- CPC 55% -do-

Netherlands- CPC 56% -do-

Algeria- CPC 56% -do-

Nepal- CPC 57% -do-

Denmark- CPC 57% -do-

Belize- CPC 57% -do-

Singapore- CPC 58%-do-

Thailand- CPC 58% -do-

Saudi Arabia- CPC 60% -do-

Macedonia- CPC 61% -do-

Trinidad and Tobago- CPC 61% -do-

Nicaragua- CPC 61% -do-

Oman- CPC 61%- -do-

Indonesia- CPC 62% -do-

Rwanda- CPC 625 -do-

Croatia- CPC 63%- do-

France- CPC 64%

Libya- CPC 64%

Kuwait- CPC 64%

Egypt- CPC 65%

Belgium- CPC 69%

Romania- CPC 69%

Panama- CPC 69%

Uganda- CPC 69%.

Bulgaria- CPC 71%

Peru- CPC 71%

Albania- CPC 72%

South Korea- CPC 72%

El Salvador- CPC 73%

Zimbabwe- CPC 73%

Jordan- CPC 73%

Costa Rica- CPC 73%

Uruguay- CPC 74%

Tunisia- CPC 74%

Kenya- CPC 74%

Malaysia- CPC 75%

The Philippines- CPC 75%

Vietnam- CPC 76%

Sri Lanka- CPC 77%

The Bahamas- CPC 77%

India- CPC 77%

Argentina- CPC 78%

Hungary- CPC 78%

Morocco- CPC 78%

Bangladesh- 79% -do-

Slovakia- 80%

Mauritius- CPC 81%

Qatar- CPC 81%

Bolivia- CPC 81%

Poland- CPC 81%

Luxembourg- CPC 82

Ecuador- CPC 82% -do-

Colombia- 83% -do-

Russia- CPC 84% -do-

Namibia- CPC 84% -do-

Pakistan- CPC 84%- do-

Guyana- CPC 85%- do-

Montenegro- CPC 86% -do-

Lithuania- 86% -do-

Tanzania- CPC 885 -do-

Venezuela- CPC 885 -do-

Bahrain- CPC 90% -do-

Latvia- CPC 90%- do-

Slovenia- CPC 92% -do-

Somalia- CPC 92% -do-

Ukraine- CPC 92% -do-

Liberia- CPC 92% -do-

Moldova- CPC 92% -do

Serbia- CPC 95% -do

pexels-photo-7948046 (2).jpeg


The United Arab Emirates has the highest CPC, being the only country with a higher CPC compared to America (8% extra). It means that money speaks louder than quality. Yes, it’s written in the FAQ of many websites that they either accept members from Tier 1 countries or pay them more than tier 2 or Tier 3 countries, and that is the fact.

I made a list of various facts like income average, real estate value, literacy rate, average spending, etc. and ran around checking various facts in each country to see how people were doing on various fronts or why they deserved to get Google estimated their costs per click would differ across the globe.

General trends in average cost per click

There are some interesting trends in this regional CPC data on Google. You can see the highest CPC/CPV/CPM

Excluding the UAE and the US, the next ten most expensive countries, namely Australia, Canada, Austria, Brazil, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, and Germany, are all either close economic allies or have friendly relations with the US. Or should I say, they are all dependent on the US system?

These countries have a very high English-speaking percentage of people or a combination of some of these factors. And I need to say that Google is the only search engine in most of these countries, barring a little share of Yahoo or a few others, but nothing much.

Actually, this is all about mobile users in South and Central America, Africa, and a large part of Asia and the Middle East having a lower CPC than the US average, but it’s growing at a fast rate. I agree that this is all because of several economic reasons. But if you say it’s because of limited internet usage in these regions, then that’s not the truth.

The total number of internet users should be a growing factor for CPV/CPC for these reasons because of the rising number of internet users that accessing the internet should be on the list of Google even based on the use of smartphones. Does that mean the phone is less effective compared to a desktop or laptop?

But then India and China, which account for more than half the total internet users in the world, should have the most revenue based on their internet users, but it’s not so. India and China should have the most benefits from advertisements, but it is not so. Even if the two countries combined have a larger middle class than the combined world has, it’s still not the case.

I agree that the local search engines have a part to play in Russia, China, and some Eastern European countries because of their low CPV/CPC.

Do you see any other reason countries branded as tier 2 or tier three should not get a higher reward for their contribution? Why should your demography be so important to earning something for your efforts?

So, had it not been for cryptocurrency, the change in the mindset of those writing sites was not possible.

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