Rabona Soccer Manager - Season 2 - Relegation is near

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Rabona is fun but drives me nuts

You know what I mean - you feel to have a decent team with perfect training, prepared to rock the league but you lose against the teams you have to win. Tough times - and the teams are so close within my league. Wish me well and if you are not a player in this fabulous sports game on the Hive blockchain created by @rondras and @oliverschmidt you should joinand invest a bit!

Season Highlight

I did not win a lot but had a highlight winning against one of the dominating teams of the previous season by @muscara - and she is again in a good sport for the current one. I won the first but just lost the second match but it was nice to win at least a game.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 23.22.46.png

My season so far

I am not lost yet - only 6 points behind position 6, well ahead of no. 15/16 but it will be a battle between at least 10 teams who will stay in the league this time. I am fighting for this and I have already a strategy for the next season.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 23.22.06.png

If you want to support my aim to stay in my league join via my link - both of would benefit from 25,000 BRN - the in-game token of Rabona: each. https://rabona.io?ref=sportsgeek

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Lol, this game is full of suspense finally. Your fate is determined by the autoplay outcomes. Not always about the team management. We're in this together. FC Creativians is my team. Good luck!

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Ah, this is you - fingers crossed for our fate then.

Pah! Okay, my trainer had some words with the players after the loss against your team (=he made them train till they puked), but we're on our way to the top. Well... at least in the direction. I hope ;)

you are a great manager then

Looks like your league is a lot closer than mine - I'm ranked 7th with 29 points and am far away from both 1st place and the relegation ranks...

True but last season it was even closer - i have to fight to survive indeed - fingers crossed

This was a red card season. So many injury...
I bought players for 1 million RBN and are in the leading position in My table

indeed, red cards had a nice flow - financially i am bit more stable vs. last season - might need some players towards the end of the season though.

My goal is to go up One League and then just stay There One season.
Financially I have really Good numbers of fan so If I just stop buying players I Think it Will be perfect

Good luck mate!


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Good luck mate. It seems you're in a tough league.

This season started pretty bad for me and I began on the red zone. As time went by I started to climb the ladder.

Now I'm 6th but my second best defender got injured. My third best missed last match too.

My focus will be on expanding the stadium and only buy players when necessary

I'm also among the last few in my league.
All the best to you.