$LINK not giving anything back

in LeoFinance11 days ago


Well I'm not too sure what to think to be honest, thought we were about to breakout across the board with ETH running through 3k the other day. I guess this is profit taking? I don't know just felt primed for another move up across the board, I guess it was a flash pump take profits and get out. With that being said looks like Chainlink is holding up better than the rest. I talked about all the majors doing well last night plus a couple others like $ETC and $DOGE. Another one I noticed held up extremely well was the $WAVES coin. Always been a fan but got rid of my bags a long time ago so not sweating the price action. Over the last week $LINK has made a low of 34.89 and a high of 45.60, it's currently moving for around 42.79 right now on most exchanges. Over the last 24 hours it's made a low of 37.18. A couple weeks ago I suggested that I wouldn't be surprised to see LINK lead the charge, looking like ETH is leading but LINK could be the top alt to run let's see how things play out.

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