Plant Life and Finance || Maybe Money DOES Grow on Trees

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At some point in your life you have probably heard someone saying that money does not grow on trees. In fact, I'm sure of it. I certainly have heard this saying many times. Quite often from my parents after I asked them for something that costs money. This comparison is an interesting one for me, as we can draw similarities between a tree and our own finances, or finances in general.

A tree can be much like our own finances, with the forest being the economy. Most people are focused on the fruit, because that is where the nutrients lie, therefore the profits. But in this pursuit of fruit bearings, it is forgotten where the fruit actually comes from, what shapes it, what keeps it alive and what ensures that more fruit will bloom each season. Many of us don't even really own the tree. Instead we work for the owner of the tree, being happy with getting a bit of the fruit in return for our time and energy.

We are so focused on this goal, that we never even think of using the seeds from the fruit we earn, germinating them into seedlings with the hope of one day having a tree that is truly ours. A small tree does not bear any fruit, but with the right care, strategy and attention, growth can be stimulated. And soon the financial plant will be towering over you, providing shade and comfort, along with sustenance.



The roots of the tree are the source of everything, without the roots the tree rots and falls. Similar to how our finances cease to exist when cashflow disappears. In order to keep our finances alive, we need to invest in the soil, in the nutrients so the roots can absorb them and become stronger. Eventually this leads to a strong base of the tree, the trunk, supporting the whole structure. This is the financial backup you build up, so you always have something to fall on in difficult times.

Bit by bit the tree gets its branches, more and more each season, eventually bearing fruit. Profit that resulted from growth through your own efforts. Through the care you gave, in order to have a consistent source in the longer term. Through harsh weather the leaves may fall off, and it might look less appealing, but in the end the tree prevails, growing bigger and better each generation, with more than enough to go around for you and the ones you want to care for.


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