Financial Reward Should Always Match the Effort Put In || Value Your Time, Your Skills And Yourself

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Most people have a similar type of route in life when it comes to career. They are born, go through their youth, go to school, and then get a job where they work for an employer. The standard is that you keep working like that until you build up enough funds and retire, while being able to take care of yourself and possible loved ones. Robert Kiyosaki describes it as "the rat-race" in his well-known bestseller 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Well, that used to be the standard, as times are changing. The new generation is not about that 9 to 5 life. Every day new ways of acquiring currency for effort are invented.

People are not eager to subscribe to the normal templates of career life anymore. The pandemic has even been an eye-opener to many in this regard. Now they know that a job can be done perfectly well from the comfort of their own homes. This doesn't apply to all jobs of course.

The most important lesson that the new generation strives to learn is that one should be happy in what they are doing. And that the effort put into the work should match the reward gained from it. Mental health is an important part of this concept.



Some of us that have grown up in-between the two mindsets are transition from the previous to the next. I happen to be in that group. Past work experience has thought me that I would rather do something I like for far less money, than intensively lose 40 hours of my life per week for a relatively large sum, possibly harming my sanity in the process. Even worse if your putting in extreme amounts of effort and gaining very little from it, just enough to survive.

A pay-cut of 50% for just 25% of the workload seems much better to me. As long as I am able to live a happy life. I'd rather enjoy my time here on Hive for example if it would supply me in my needs, instead of being tired each night for x times the amount.

Life is a valuable thing. Time even more so. And in this day and age so are your skills. Know the value of all of them combined, plan a strategy to an alternative if needed, and explore the world.


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We are programmed to be good little employees and slave our time away to make someone else wealthy. I have found that after leaving an 8 year career at Apple, that money and benefits do not match the time and freedom I have now. I may not have as much money, but I have the freedom and time to make money on my terms, when and how I want.

People do not realize that time is the most precious commodity we all have and waste more than any of us care to admit.

Enjoy your time and relationships, money is just money, you can make more of it and accumulate more stuff, but you can never get back your time, or people for that matter if they are lost. Life is short, enjoy it!

I may not have as much money, but I have the freedom and time to make money on my terms, when and how I want.

If more people embraced this, those companies would be in lots of trouble. The company I work at right now refuses to pay internationally sound wages even though they make international profits. Instead they pay above local average telling us that we should be happy with that, because we have it 'better'. But the wages and the workload don't add up.

I'll be making moves very soon though, life is indeed too short!

Thanks for the motivating comment @thelogicaldude

Anytime! Life is indeed too short for us to waste on people that really don't appreciate us.

Reblogged this... This is really been our preaching message for a while. Do what you love and the money will come. Enjoy your time and freedom! You will find all kind of ways to make the hustle happen, especially if you are in this space, lol. There are so many ways that you can earn by doing things you love. Don't trap yourself in the rat race, break free and LIVE!

Do what you love and the money will come

This is true, but not everyone has that luxury to wait for the money to come. That's why I made sure to save up a sufficient backup fund, which can sustain me for at least a few years without a 'normal job'.

So be in the rat race to build up an escape plan and then break free and live, as you said. :)

Having a sound plan of escape from the rat race is essential for sure. Just saying really that if you do what you love, then it really won't feel like work. It will be just you doing what you love, and with crypto, you can pretty much earn doing anything, the opportunities are endless.

The opportunities are endless and yet more are being added each day. It's only a matter of time till the 40 hour model falls completely.


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