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It has been more than a week since @jk6276 mentioned a pool to help the @leofinance community to invest in #defi. Hope I am not too late to the party but I want to give it a try. Usually the best way to learn and focus about new project is when you spend money in it.

I am about to do that. If you want to know more click on his pseudo and you will find the post where you can read the directions. It should not be too hard. The fun part is where the trust part is mentioned for anyone willing to go that route. This should be the least since we are a close community. Glad everything was explained from get go.

Risk is what put #crypto on the map. I think it is more than risk, it is a way to show that we trust the system. #sushiswap may hold you and you can blink all you want. At least the chef returned the coins to the reserve.

I am seeing this initiative as a way to show we want #leofinance to grow and support is what the community needs. I make money along the way that is even better and the success belongs to everyone. Along the way we make more friends.
I have not remit my #leo tokens yet but I will post it as a comment when I do so.
It is rewarding knowing aide is what we wish. There you have it.
Be safe and protect your family.

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Hi @pouchon
I didn't know about the pool, thanks for the information, I would like to participate in that also. How is it done?

SO many posts about it so read more info through this

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Thank you

I'm still watching DeFi from the sidelines, as I've just recently actively starting moving around funds again. Since 2018 I haven't paid much attention to the crypto space and just held my assets. But you are right, if I were to want to get into DeFi, the best way would be to invest a bit. After some due diligence in the form of research of course.

Research is the way not to lose your funds.
Not to forget the fees on #ether are exorbitant.

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Thanks for the tip. between wallets and exchanges has been tedious to avoid that high eth gas fee. I usually convert to something with less fees to transfer wherever possible.

Nice! the wleo was great news to attract new people to the Leo ecosystem. Along with all the work that is being done in different areas in Leo are making for a huge move. I notice there's a lot going on, from the new interface, wleo, the eventual uniswap listings. Until recently I joined the Leo ecosystem but I'm really excited about it

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I can see #leo token moving away
from #hive one day to become its own
thing. Maybe more like HMT token
with the same respect as #hive.

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Working on getting 500 #leo
need it before September 21st though.

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