Do you remember YAHOO ?

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Do you remember these names?
Are you one of those old-timers, to whom these names rings like pleasant bell, somewhere deep deep inside?
All these names were so much visible, so much hyped in every CEBIT fair, where I used to go every year (in Hannover, Germany)

All this - in the era of "before-Google" !

In the nineties of last century...

ALTAVISTA - seems we could find just about everything there.

YAHOO - not only great search, but probably the first powerful, handy, easy to use, no-trouble EMAIL provider.
Gmail was yet in nobody's dreams....

But how many knows YAHOO nowdays? Do you use them?

I do.
And I have a big reason for that.
Yes, I do still have even Yahoo email box. Just checked today - all there, all working, operational. No SPAM.
I have not been in this my INBOX for maybe a year or two.

But what I really use practically every day, is


And seems I'm not the exception. I heard numerous times how various people like this section of Yahoo.
To get all kinds of market news, stock tickers, reviews, etc.
There is so much of everything there from the financial world.

So it can be, that my preference to this financial information source is not only due to my conservativism and old habits. 😃

If you are in investment, trading, and other closely related things to his - you may give it a look.

Who knows - maybe you will like it just as I still do.


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Yeah, what memories! I searched on all of them. But Alta Vista was good. I would also mention HotBot created by Inktomi, it was very fast. As Hivesearch here :)

Altavista, the first engine I used! It's been..a while. I think i was 8 or someting lol.

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Yahoo was really difficult to use on Java phones unless you had a computer far back in 2007 for me. Absolutely it's only Yahoo that rings a bell to me, maybe of someone in my age bracket it might be just Yahoo. Gmail came in and became everyone's darling

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I presume you dont remember their googy ads.


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Hahaha well I don't seem to remember anything other the popular purple design on the website lol. It was incredibly unique.

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The early days of the internet saw some pretty corny stuff. It was incredible when they tried to cross over to mainstream ie television advertising. I guess they didnt spend much on marketing budgets because it was some pretty bad stuff.

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You've gotta re-enact the Yaaaaa-hoooooo ad on your next video haha ;)

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Hotmail email addresses, Geocities websites and Asking Jeeves instead of Googling.

Ah, what a time to be alive!

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I forgot about ask Jeeves! The glory days, lol

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I use Yahoo Finance quite often and have for years. I remember using it all the way back to the days when they used to have message boards on each stock!

kheh...those BBS's...connecting on a certain hours with a super fast 14.4 khz modem ....chirp-chirp...... dzzzzziiiirrr....oop

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Still use the email. Got several. Along with gmail. 🤣

And I'm always surprised by the Yahoo Finance articles that pop up.

Maybe it's time for a comeback.

LOL I am showing my age too because I remember all of them.

And yes, many do not remember the day when Yahoo mail was the defacto platform and there was no gmail.

It is amazing that Yahoo Finance is still the top stock market aggregator out there. Google Finance, Marketwatch, and the rest still trail.

I hope that Leofinance can get into that game at some point. The numbers really start to improve in terms if visitors/page views when you become a reference point that people go to on a daily basis.

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in Brazil people used Yahoo email now they don’t use it anymore, but what they really did and are still successful is the Yahoo answer used until today, I don’t know how Yahoo finances are used here

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On altavista I opened my first email, if I remember correctly in 1998.

I was a teenager at the time and I don't think I ever sent an email from there, it wasn't in fact much used yet.

But I think I have it used for MSN Messenger subscription 😍😍

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I remember so well the day when I first time met HTML.

One of my smart engineers called me, he said:

LOOK, this is gonna be a BIG THING. Look at this underlined word. I will klick on it with the mouse - you just look, what will happen.

This was my first time I've seen HTML. Sometime in mid 1995.

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it seems prehistoric ... and remember the noise of the 56k modem? When it connected to the internet it looked like was going to explode 😂😂

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56K was a dream, only a few years later. I started with 9.6K modem, and once it finally got replaced to 14.4K - it looked SO FAST !

9.6 k? Oh my God! I could not imagine what a deafening noise it could make at every connection to the network! 😂

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I love Yahoo, I still have the main email listed there, that was the first search engine I had, and there I found all the information I used at the University, I don't know why these guys were neglected since their president Marissa Mayer was a eminence and work during her pregnancy and then she was almost in her office nursing her baby, and when Verizón came it was quite a novel I don't know why they lost such an important brand and to think that two boys Larry Page and Serguey Bring came to yahoo to offer a I rejected the idea of​​google and yahoo, it would have been a boom if they had incorporated it but hey that's how things are, you don't know around the corner how things will go so good.

Thank you for reminding us of that era of the nascent internet in which we learned a lot and today it has become nostalgia for many of us who are no longer millennials or who are on the edge.

at least in yahoo finance google has not been able to with them, that is a good section to learn and stay updated, you know the only country that as a nation has taken a liking to it and to date its rating is maintained is Japan, yahoo Japan at the level of country continues to be and having a lot of presence, something they did there maybe emulate it, for the rest but good.

Happy fryday 13

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I used Altavista and then Yahoo before Google. Seems so long ago but not that long really as only 25 years or so. Things have changed a bit. Remember Kevin Costner was a big backer or investor of Yahoo then.

I have this argument with people all the time. They say simple clean UI is best. I say it depends on the market and to look at yahoo finance.

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Good old memories.
I never really used Yahoo until they took over Flickr and I had to create an account.

Altavista on the other hand was my default homepage in my Netscape Navigator Browser.
I sometimes check these old sites on

We don't remember we said "I'll Altavista it" back then :D

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I still have my yahoo account. Those names being back some memories. When it all began the internet was such a different place

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I don’t remember, I’ll “google it” 🤪

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My first email in yahoo is still active and some of confidential documents I still receive there.

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Ah yes, I remember all those names fondly.

The excitement of being able to search using the page from cNet. Building my first clumsy web site with GeoCities. The excitement of my first AOL account which had a "real" username, not just the weird series of numbers.morenumbers I had on CompuServe, my first online access. AOL diskettes everywhere!

I was a regular Yahoo user... sold on Yahoo Auctions along with eBay; ended up creating several communities on YahooGroups after they "ate" eGroups.

Of course... just to show that I truly am from the stone age, I also remember creating COBOL code on IBM 80-column punched cards; wrote my first BASIC program on 8-hole punched tape.

Ah yes, those were the days...


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Lol I still use as my primary email and I have to say Yahoo finance is still one of the best sources of info, their search isn't that great through

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I remember Yahoo and quite nostalgic about Yahoo Messenger. At the same time I am still using Yahoo mail services for their history, even if I have moved also on Google mail for more serious email references. Old day might be the gold days, but I think that also those companies can be revived with the right vision. The users are still there in my opinion.

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Yahoo mail is actually my first email. Means a lot to me. But no longer in use other than some long time ago registered services - then I'll have to log in to yahoo mail to see my orders etc.

Yahoo actually was doing exceptionally well in Taiwan and Japan I think... But I'll say they have done their part in the human history. Google might soon lose its charm, who knows?

Decentralization is coming.

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I remember all of those! (and I think used all of them). What's sad about yahoo is that yahoo finance was awesome and I would have never stopped using it but they ruined it with an onslaught of video ads and video pop up my laptop would start choking on the page every time.

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the only thing i remember using was msn! and i can say i was quite addicted to it! It was the facebook and Instagram of older times and everyone had one account!

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Ask Jeeves,, Panda, Altavista...

The good old days when they were not making a profile of their users to sell them stuff.

Privacy has turned into an utopia nowadays :(

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I stopped using Yahoo after the infamous email hack.

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I only know Yahoo, the rest is new to me. Still have a yahoo email address and that was pretty much all that I used from yahoo. For the rest I need to run a search.

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I still use my yahoo account. A matter of fact it's linked to my gmail. I also remember using the messenger a lot when in high-school and colleged.
The other names though are completely unfamiliar.

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The other names were even a bit BEFORE Yahoo. :)

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Well, yahoo is as far as I can remember...

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Stop mentioning those Brands... I'm feeling older by the minute... 😉😎

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 31 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I still use Yahoo but I'm upset that you can't comment on their stories anymore. I use investors hub sometimes and started a message board for Wleo. I'm still playing around with it before I post about it.

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Yahoo finance ehm, I think I should learn from world financial news in yahoo finance That is why @onealfa bought leo in a bulk. He reads yahoo finance.

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Oh man, I remember how back in the day my main mission after school was opening my yahoo mail and also chatting with all my friends on MSN messenger. Brings me back.
Just checked that old yahoo mail. Still works. The yahoo homepage also has some neat news links and other info from time to time, other than yahoo finance of course.

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