Bookkeeping and Jackpott Size for "weekly guess the DOW" 03.6.20

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This post summarizes the bookkeeping of our betting game "weekly guess the DOW". It will be published on every Wednesday. The game post will be published on every Saturday and cross-posted into the "contest fun" (hive-122136) community on every Monday. For the payouts of these post the following rules apply. All earnings will be exchanged in SPI token. 1 SPI together with 90% of the LEO token go directly to the winner (see rules below). 10% of LEO are building the Jackpot.

Here is the status as of 29.04.2020

Here are the rules of the game:

  • upvote the game post
  • provide your tip as a comment with one decimal in the following format "23.390,8"
  • provide your tip until Thursday
  • the tip that is closest to the closing figure taken from the following reference wins
  • all HBD paid out from this post are exchanged to SPI shares on HIVE-ENGINE or directly with @spinvest
  • 90% of LEO paid out from this post are directly transferred to the winner
  • 10% of LEO and the SPI Tokens will build the Jackpot, that will be won by a correct tip on the DOW figure (without decimal)

Thank you @erikklok for participation and support.

Good Luck for the next round!

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