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RE: Update in PeakD ~ Did you see it?

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I saw it this morning too and almost thought it was an overlooked feature.

I was so close to buying some with my apple card... but I have learned not to impulse by and, well... it has not hit my target buy price.

Its one of those weird feelings where I both hope it gets there, and hope it doesn't get there.

Did you buy some?

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I am thinking though, if it really becomes that easy to buy HIVE to start buying HIVE with my apple rewards.

I get 1-3% cash back on all my purchases, and growing my crypto bags by 1-3% of the money I already spend seems sustainable.

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That is indeed an interesting way of looking at it.
Why not, you can always try a little and see it first hand.

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I have learned to sit on decisions like these for just a bit.

I would FOMO before but now I realize that if something is a "great" deal, you will do great by dollar cost averaging, then jumping in fully when the prices are "low"

But I have wanted to buy 20-30 worth of HIVE consistently for some time now. Maybe its finally time.

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Yes, that is good to do.
I tend to think about it for a while.

It could get even lower, although we don’t want that.

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I said I would buy in some more if it hit 0.30 ...

So I hope I don't buy more but I hope to buy some more...

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Ok… you think it can go so low?

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I am not sure.

I have seen it go lower and stay.

I’ve also seen it jump real high.

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I haven’t bought anything yet. My account consist entirely out of rewards.
A little deal I made with the husband. 😉 But if it gets really interesting… yes I will jump in. Who wouldn’t… hahaha

I also think I’m building already quite a nice account by growing a lot… by posting and engaging in all it’s forms. 🤩

You are so right, the feeling, hope it does and doesn’t at the same time. Sigh

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Building accounts from pure rewards is a great way to build accounts.

And having spouses to make financial decisions with is very helpful.

I see you are winning at engagement leagues and such, congratulations and keep going.

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Thank you, we decided as both, my husband and I, before I started with Hive last December… didn’t know anything about blockchains, crypto etc. So we thought let’s look at it first for a while before we make decisions to put our money in.

He is proud of me now he sees how well my account is growing and the replies I get. 🤓

Thank you so much, it is just so much fun here 😊 love everything about it! Meeting people from all over the world. Getting to know them…
Will keep going for sure 😊

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