One for all, all for one, and the machines for all of us

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Nowadays, we make available with advances in the technological innovations of several devices / gadgets that transmit information as a form of data over the internet at all times when they are connected.

We increasingly transmit and produce information, from institutional social functioning, or from everyday life. In addition to the machines / gadgets that interact with the internet as well. With all this, we now have the possibility of digitizing any form of information produced by society, together with the production of gadgets programmed by computational languages in algorithms. Making several activities that produce information from economic, social, cultural, and political are integrating and structuring with the use of the internet.

One for all, all for one, and the machines for all of us

The internet as a technology brings a new power to the media, allowing communication and production of data / information from gadgets to gadgets and between people, both from one to one, from one to many, and from many to many. Offering an organizational infrastructure in the form of a network allowing the sharing of data / information from communities and societies, now digitized.

For there to be interaction between devices / machines / gadgets on the internet, the information must obey a set of rules called network protocols, to allow the entry and exit of data from the gadgets. Examples of network protocol are: TCP / IP, HTTP, HTTPS ...

All information in the form of data on the internet passing through these protocols, transmitted over the network can be registered / recorded, and can be used in several ways.

Until then, the original digital information was validated by the State and companies authorized by it, when necessary. At first it was not necessary, even today many people still do not understand the power and possibilities of the internet, everything is very new despite the speed that innovations have been evolving. It should also be taken into account that a public Internet space without social rules, transferring / analyzing / validating digital data has always been a problem. Since its authentication until then was difficult to control or restricted, serving the trade of privileged data, through the control of data flow on private servers.

In this context, a new way to build network data transmission rules, blockchain network protocols, produced with computer language, with the use of advanced encryption technology, which allows the participants of this network with immense ease to participate, has emerged. , audit, inspect all data information that goes through servers distributed immediately and inexpensively.

The data / information now has the possibility of being a single, immutable data, registered in machines all over the world, in a distributed and public way. Protected and registered in your transfers by advanced encryption technology that has blockchain technology as one of its consequences.


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