Betting on a Dying Currency, [How my $10 went to X5, X20 and X100 in < 48 hours]

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Three days ago before I went to bed I bought $100 worth of Luna @ 2.60-ish dollars each. A few minutes and the purchase was valued at more than $600. I thought that I hit the jackpot so I became greedy and wait until tomorrow to see some 'amazing ROI'. I was prepared to lose that $100 but with that short uptrend earlier the anticipation lean more on the positive outcome of the bet. I slept really well and dreamed of that the new mountain bike I really want to purchase.

I woke up.

The previous $600 was then @ 40. 'Buy low' kept ringing in my ears. I bought another $ 50 worth. At this point I got more than 150 Luna. At ATH this is some serious money. Although confidence is wavering optimism was still there.

Another day passed. I woke up late. The 150-ish Luna was now valued at less than a dollar. I double checked and felt the bitter taste in my mouth. I went to reddit. It was utter chaos. People lost money I myself wouldn't able to earn in 10 lifetimes.

People are talking about suicide and such. That was really depressing.

I only lost $150 and I was already having an urge to punch noisy neighbor. I was stupid to gamble another $50. It's not much for others but it means alot if your living in a country like mine.

In the end I bought another $10. At this point I don't know how many zeroes it had. I ended having almost 9 million Luna which was worth not less $10. It was still decreasing and I knew I was foolish. Maybe, I just took it as my last ditch of effort, something like a buzzer beater thrown from the half court.


My small gamble paid off. I was selling in batches. It was now up to X 500. Although I lost 150. I profited more than $1000 from that initial $10. Wonder if I made a $100 call at the end. I could have made 10-15K $$$ in a span of 48 hours. Lol. Anyways, that was a roller coaster ride and the best $10 I've spent on trade.


Still got some 1.2 Million Luna on hand maybe I'd sell between 0.0006 -0.001. Though it's quite impossible now because we would arrived at the top 10 coin spot valuations. I'll just set up some sell batches again.

At the end of the day I was thankful to my $10 gamble. I might even be able to buy that bike that I want or maybe just some good donuts with lots of candy sprinkles.

Thank you very much for reading. See you soon.

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High risk, high return. You were lucky 😜

Thanks Bombus!

Ang layo ng narating ng P500 😂 Amazing job!

Ty Jazz!
Goods na din pero kung di ko binili ng DOT yung bulk ng busd ko mas malaki sana. XD

I bought £15 worth at 5p and watched it disintegrate to 2p total lol. just bought in same again, do or die innit plus its fun when its only small change involved.


May the Goddess of luck be with us my friend. XD

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