BURN Complete πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ // The HIVE supply has been reduced by almost 200k HIVE

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Thanks for doing this!

was a pleasure. 😎

Great work

Well, and that’s that.

Yes it is. πŸ˜„

Well played ser.



Did you do it?

Yes, its done.

Well done!

As we can put this behind. What are the plans for marketing campaign. I really liked your approach to the topic

Soon. Its still being worked on.

This means, I like your approach even better.

You have my sword



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Good stuff. Thanks for your effort.

πŸ‘ Why start the list with me , lol..

I just copied the names from the Dpoll list. Yours was first :)

Where did the hive tokens come from and why are they being burned? i don't understand. Where can I find information on why this is happening?

You can read the last few of my posts for context.

Thanks for the great work you have done here...let us now begin intensive marketing.

well done !

Seriously we gave you such great memo ideas. I am not upset I am just disappointed.

Haha. Cryptodrive set it up already. I completely forgot. It was early and i just woke up so i forgot.

now lets get the advertising running, to buy tokens off exchanges and burn them.

@jphamer1 that is a good idea though

I know ive said it already but i just need another week or so. Ill have another big thing set up for HIVE. Im impatient for it as well. :)

I get the impression you proper enjoyed burning $60,000 USD of tokens lol. Reminds me of a time in the 90s when band KLF burned Β£1,000,000 in cash as a err not sure as an artistic statement.
Anyway, cheers and I hope the marketing gig is coming along well. Hope to see an update post soon.
Best wishes and thanks again :-)

Sooon. :)
I just need some more time, its being worked on. Its not simply a advertising campaign where you throw out a few ads. Its a robust marketing campaign that covers (almost) everything.

Yes, i quite enjoyed it haha. Not everyday do you get to burn $60k.πŸ˜„

Nice going!


Hey @lordbutterfly, here is a little bit of BEER from @badpupper for you. Enjoy it!

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That is awesome. I feel like I voted on this, but I guess I didn't. I would have if I had known about it ahead of time I guess! Still pretty cool. Burning is always a little good.

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My voice counted

Awesome @lordbutterfly, you are doing great work!

  • And just like that, @thecryptodrive increased his credibility with me and IMO others too.

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This is excellent and it's a good reminder why @burnpost was a great account. Reducing the supply equally distributes value to all members who have even a fraction of a token (or more), as it makes each token rarer. If a person can't find good posts to vote on, this is the inverted way to achieve value for everyone. I'm blessed in that I'm one of the rare hivers that can find about 8 good posts per day on average to vote for. Less than 10% of my votes are self-votes (which I do after 1 day to benefit early voters for curation).