Update in PeakD ~ Did you see it?

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Hi all 👋🏻

This morning I noticed the following:


PeakD has some new features…
You can buy HIVE now with credit card or Crypto!

Go over and have a look. This comes so in handy… especially now.

When people want to buy the dip.

Well done PeakD 🤩 keep going!

Sorry, I know it is a short post, but I thought it is important, as I saw it not mentioned yet 😉

Thank you so much for looking, and reading. And if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻

Have a great day all 😎👋🏻 And enjoy your weekend soon 😉
Grtz Jackie


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That is a cool update! Those who want to use cc will now be able to do it. Thank you for sharing❤

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Thank you so much @ifarmgirl 😁
It will come in handy for sure… it is so much easier now.

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Yes, it would be a blast to those looking for and easier option.

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After all those posts I read about coinbase yesterday, it makes me happy to be able to bypass them.

I still haven't used the option though.

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Glad you did. I also didn't use the option and probably wouldn't. Although I have used my card to buy BTC a few times before thru Coinmama.

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Thanks for sharing @littlebee4, surely you will have my reglobeo, the information is important😏

You are so welcome @lileisabel 😊
It is important to know. Looks like nobody did know…

Thank you kindly, much appreciated!

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It is great 😎
Have a wonderful evening 👋🏻

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Thank you so much @hivebuzz team 😊 much appreciated!
Have a wonderful Friday ☀️🐝

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You're welcome @littlebee4, that's a pleasure to see you! Have a nice day 😊👍🌹

Thanks a lot @hivebuzz team 👋🏻😊
You too 🐝

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Another step forward.

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A great step I think, makes things much easier. Especially now! When Hive is so low.

Ok, yes there is a fee… but still 😎

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Does it change your latest article a little bit, about how it is a headache to acquire HIVE now?

This could be the change that finally makes me buy HIVE in bits and pieces.

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Not aware of this, will have a look shortly, thanks for sharing! Will now be easier buying Hive!

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First I was thinking, did I miss this… @joetunex
Then I searched but couldn’t find info about it.
So I thought let’s share it so people know.

It makes things really easy around here 🤩

Also the Hive Engine token table is changed again in size. It has a better overview now. (Number wise)
That is on my iPad. Haven’t checked my laptop yet.

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So I thought let’s share it so people know.

Always a good habit around here spreading the word, the latest for awareness.
Lol am having some offline busy schedule but slowing getting back into the rythm of things here, will be checking out HE also.

Am impressed at how in 5 months you adapt to things around here like being here over a year

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Thanks… just doing my bit 😎

Good to hear, slowly and steady… we are here. I will have soon some big projects, so understand.

Thank you so much that is kind of you 😊 more motivation hahaha

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I will have soon some big projects, so understand.

Interesting, looking forward to it. Stay motivated my friend.

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More like; Big projects “off line” hahaha 😉 that will take up my time a bit more…
But I won’t be gone, will still be here 😁 just less active than right now.

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It's all good, it is same like me, when I do get project to work on it takes my time alot for a month or two. So let's enjoy a bit of the free time on here 😀

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Thanks, you understand 😉💃🏻
Will do for sure hahaha

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Now sit back and watch all the posts that come after yours.

When thigns update its a fun game to see if you can post about it before everybody else does.

Well, for me, since I am easily entertained.

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Yep hahaha saw one a few hours later, haven’t checked now but there will be more 😉

It is fun to watch… let’s sit back and see 😎👋🏻💃🏻🦁🐝

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Just found 2 so far… 🤓

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lols. Let's keep track.

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Hahaha lol ok.

Have a great evening @metzli 👋🏻

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1 more… so 3 in total. Truly would have thought this is great news… and more would have popped up. Some things go around some don’t.

Have a wonderful weekend @metzli 👋🏻😁

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I expected to see more articles on the baby formula shortage too.

Its finance news but it is definitely not the target audience.

But, have you heard that LUNA is dead? There was a death spiral and lots of people lost money (I may have seen an article or 30 about that).

Looking forward to your next post.

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Yes, also an subject that should have been shared more…
But like you say, it’s what audience you have.

Yep, followed that bit. Crazy… lots of sad people around.
That they had organised such an attack. Hope we will find out exactly what has happened as we still don’t.
Everybody is sharing that.

Thank you kindly.
I don’t tend to post much here in Leofinance as 95% of my posts are photography, art, StreetArt, architecture and design, cars and travel related. So a complete other audience… hahaha 🤣 but luckily Hive has so many great communities I joined in. I can be in all… and have fun and meet great people from all over the world.

That’s 🤩😁

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This is really convenient.

Thank you for sharing.

Yes, it sure is @olujay 😎
You are welcome, happy to share my finds 😉

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Nice find. I didn't notice that.

You are welcome @leaky20

Don’t think many did… as just now there are posts popping up hahaha

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I saw it this morning too and almost thought it was an overlooked feature.

I was so close to buying some with my apple card... but I have learned not to impulse by and, well... it has not hit my target buy price.

Its one of those weird feelings where I both hope it gets there, and hope it doesn't get there.

Did you buy some?

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I am thinking though, if it really becomes that easy to buy HIVE to start buying HIVE with my apple rewards.

I get 1-3% cash back on all my purchases, and growing my crypto bags by 1-3% of the money I already spend seems sustainable.

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That is indeed an interesting way of looking at it.
Why not, you can always try a little and see it first hand.

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I have learned to sit on decisions like these for just a bit.

I would FOMO before but now I realize that if something is a "great" deal, you will do great by dollar cost averaging, then jumping in fully when the prices are "low"

But I have wanted to buy 20-30 worth of HIVE consistently for some time now. Maybe its finally time.

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Yes, that is good to do.
I tend to think about it for a while.

It could get even lower, although we don’t want that.

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I said I would buy in some more if it hit 0.30 ...

So I hope I don't buy more but I hope to buy some more...

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Ok… you think it can go so low?

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I am not sure.

I have seen it go lower and stay.

I’ve also seen it jump real high.

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I haven’t bought anything yet. My account consist entirely out of rewards.
A little deal I made with the husband. 😉 But if it gets really interesting… yes I will jump in. Who wouldn’t… hahaha

I also think I’m building already quite a nice account by growing a lot… by posting and engaging in all it’s forms. 🤩

You are so right, the feeling, hope it does and doesn’t at the same time. Sigh

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Building accounts from pure rewards is a great way to build accounts.

And having spouses to make financial decisions with is very helpful.

I see you are winning at engagement leagues and such, congratulations and keep going.

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Thank you, we decided as both, my husband and I, before I started with Hive last December… didn’t know anything about blockchains, crypto etc. So we thought let’s look at it first for a while before we make decisions to put our money in.

He is proud of me now he sees how well my account is growing and the replies I get. 🤓

Thank you so much, it is just so much fun here 😊 love everything about it! Meeting people from all over the world. Getting to know them…
Will keep going for sure 😊

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I saw that change but I don't think I will use it much. Hopefully it makes it easier for anyone who does use it.

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I think it will be easier, as you say, for the people that want to use it.

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Thank you for the info

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Glad it was useful to you @rynow 😎
Have a wonderful day today!

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