No, the FBI did not "hack" Bitcoin

in LeoFinance3 days ago (edited)

So, Colonial Pipeline had some "ransomware," sent millions of dollars in BITCOIN (a completely transparent ledger), which was almost immediately "reclaimed" by the FBI... an organized crime syndicate known for creating the plots they "foil"

To be clear, it is mathematically impossible, currently, to "hack" Bitcoin in the way that the mainstream media is trying to pretend happened.

This, folks, is what we call classic FUD.

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Doubt

I get the feeling the "ransom" itself was all part of the marketing ploy - but certainly everything since has been a bunch of PR spin, obviously to try to tarnish Bitcoin/crypto, make the FBI look useful, commit insurance fraud, and who knows how many other profitable things - like tanking crypto so the whales could buy the dip again.

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My first thought when I heard it was "false-flag!" - more gov't/rich folk fear tactics to drive price down/people away - so I wrote about it too haha - not my first rodeo.

BIG-UPS on clarifying the the finer points of this "neeeews" tho.
How FBI have master keys to criminal?... and the hackers were literally called Darkside... come on! Its flagrantly obvious.

They would use a world like "darkside" as propaganda against crypto, and even to further that by using this specific phrase in an attempt to connect with Star Wars and Sci-Fi fans. Still, the reality is that it only points out flaws of BTC, not privacy coins, but good luck with the masses understanding that at this point in time... the government at least understands that the masses wont... yet. Everything is on sale is the way I see it. That's all.

I think its just a missunderstanding of the main media. The FBI can freeze accounts on private exchanges. Thats it. Bad publicity for exchanges like coinbase and their pr tried to blur the technical details. Anyone with basic knowledge is not impressed.

My thing... if they couldn’t hack an iPhone and Apple tells them to go screw themselves, the certainly didn’t hack a private key, lol. Certainly a setup or false flag! untitled.gif