Jim Cramer is now long Bitcoin?

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The who's who of finance keeps dipping their toes into Bitcoin and Crypto...

First it was Paul Tudor Jones, and now it's Jim Cramer.

Jim Cramer tweeted today that he is buying some bitcoin and putting it in a trust for his kids.

While not being 100% certain it's going to be the future, he wants to do the prudent thing for his kids just in case it is:


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He's mentioned bitcoin several times on his Mad Money TV show and it's been mostly favorable things every time I have heard them.

Specifically, he seems to view bitcoin like many do, myself included, as an immutable digital store of value that works as a hedge against central bank money printing and runaway inflation.

But wait there's more...

If getting news that Jim Cramer was getting long bitcoin wasn't big enough news for the day, it turns out there is another rockstar that is getting long bitcoin as well.

And when I say rockstar, I mean literal ROCKSTAR.

One Gene Simmons also announced today that he is buying bitcoin as well:


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This is how it starts...

Once that snowball gets far enough down the hill it starts building on its own, getting bigger and bigger and bigger as it treads downhill.

From the sounds of it, the snowball may already be far enough do the hill to the point where there's no more pushing that needs to be done.

It's reaching escape velocity all on its own.

Stay informed my friends.


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