If the supply of LEO stays small it has Grand Slam potential

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LEO is looking very interesting to me...

The more I look into LEO, the more I like it...

I have been using the LEO platform for a long time now, pretty much posting exclusively in that platform since it launched several months back.

Before that I used the leofinance tag and before that the steemleo tags.

Basically I have always been a fan of the way they do things.

However, I am starting to like it even more as I am continuing to dive into it.

The first that really catches my eye as it relates to LEO is the supply...

Check it out:

As it stands now there is only 5 million coins in circulation and that is a very small number.

By comparison ol HIVE (and STEEM) has/have close to 400 million coins in circulation.

Keep in mind that I haven't yet dug into the future plans enough to know whether that small supply will continue to stay small going forward and perhaps that is something someone in the comments can answer for me...

Is the small supply of LEO going to continue to stay this small going forward?

If the supply stays small there is grand slam potential...

If the supply of LEO continues to stay around this 5 million number, the sky is truly the limit in terms of where it could go.

If LEO simply went up to $1, that would only be a $5 million market cap.

If LEO simply went up to $10, that would only be a $50 million market cap.

LEO could go up to almost $12 and still be worth less in terms of total market cap than HIVE is right now... and many out there believe that HIVE is going to be worth much more than it is right now at some point.

Basically, for those of you looking for those 100x type of coins, you know the ones you have heard about over the last several months going bonkers on ethereum, well this has that kind of setup.

We got an early glimpse a few weeks ago:

(Source: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=LEO)

All the right stuff...

The small market cap by itself isn't what is great about LEO in terms of potential, it's the other things it has going for it.

They already have ad revenue rolling in, not very much, but some, and the important part about that is that the ad revenue is being put back into the coin.

They are buying up LEO on the open market with that ad revenue and burning it.

This is creating constant buy pressure and helping to put a floor in the price.

Plus they are also in the process of listing LEO on external exchanges and DEXs going forward.

Add all this up and I think LEO has the potential to be a grand slam type of investment if a few things go right for it.

Stay informed my friends.

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I agree about the future of Leo.

I did some digging and I think 2 million Leo is the rate of inflation per year and it goes down every year. But you have to keep in mind buybacks and burns so it is even less. That makes $10 a coin very achievable.

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Yea I didn't fully dive into the inflation rate just yet so that 5 million number may be completely different in a few years, but as long as it is close to that the point remains the same.

Totally agree...but...how come you're holding...zero LEO?

That is about to change my friend. :)

Also going down that rabbit hole, if you "totally agree", why do you comment on the post but not vote for it?

Is it a prerequisite so that I can comment? But since we walk the walk I'll tell you why because you obviously mean why I didn't vote it with my Hive acc. Probably because I saw you're shilling a token while holding an empty bag. Seemed a bit controversial from where I stand...

PS. I did vote the post...from my leo account...just saying

Is it a prerequisite to hold a certain amount of a coin before talking about it? From where I stand it sounds like a more upstanding thing to do then shill it after I buy a bunch, wouldn't you say?

No it's not a prerequisite. It simply shows that you deeply believe in that project...which I am sure you do. Providing liquidity at the moment is equally important. The market is really thin...and it will only get thiner day after day...

To be honest I didn't realize the circulating supply was that small until a few days ago and that is a big reason why I haven't been holding much until now. In fact, that is part of the reason why I did this post. I was hoping that someone who follows the project closer than me could quickly inform me of the expected supply going forward... for example it looks like there is supply allocated for DEXs etc. As long as the supply stays small, I am in.

As far as I know 300K LEO bounty will be airdropped to those who will provide liquidity on Uniswap. Other than that I am almost 100% certain that the rate of which LEO tokens are issued will remain the same. And this is probably for the best...usually tokens with small supply end up worth lots of $$$

Yes exactly. The small supply is what has attracted me to it. When you combine that with the other good things it has going for it as well and it has all the right ingredients for a big move higher at some point...

By the way, sorry if I came off a bit gruff at first, I think I took your original comment a little too harshly. That being said I am going to start building a stake on LEO. I just wish I had done this sooner and am not too late... :)

300K LEO bounty will be airdropped to those who will provide liquidity on Uniswap

Are there more details on this in a post ?

PS. I did vote the post...from my leo account...just saying

Ah yes, I hadn't seen that initially. I apologize as I am on hive.blog and was just checking that when I commented initially.

I keep saying it may pass hive in price. We shall see.

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I have seen a couple of leo posts today. And I think it looks interesting. Maybe I will buy some leo too.😎

I will take a look, thanks.

I hear the guy making them is great!

Ha, yea he does pretty good work!

LEO might blow the door off things going forward. The team behind it is committed to making sure things keep moving forward. The new UI is in beta now with a second major update already planned. There are going to be a lot of financial/social features added from what I understand, stuff that could not be done as a clone of Steemit.com.

The outreach to DEX and other exchanges is just a start. The idea list is getting longer by the week.

It will be an interesting ride.

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I wish I had known much of this sooner... I was so used to most hive-engine coins being garbage that I didn't give it much thought. However, the more I look into it the more I am thinking I need to build a stake here and I probably need to do it sooner rather than later.

All the new demand is great...Selfishly I wish people stayed away a while longer to accumulate more less than 0.2 hive per leo :P

Oh well I am sure a dip will come eventually I can wait patiently... or if not I suppose I have enough exposure. Leo to da moon!!!!

How much are you holding?


Great overview on the LEO token and the correlation of the price with its supply. Something to think about it, while I wish I had some liquid LEO for moment I will continue staking and increasing my influence within this great community.

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It was right after the fork that I returned to blogging here and LEO stood out to me immediately. Back then it was the team commitment, active development, detailed roadmap, and active advertising that drew me in.

Of course, I don't if any of us had planned for the wrapping of the token on Uniswap. That was an unexpected bonus.

I think you may be right about LeoFinance. Good luck picking up more tokens. They aren't getting any cheaper or available. Hope this helps. 👍

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It will be interesting to see since there is so few tokens created each day too and now that a lot of it is being pulled out of the system for Uniswap and will probably be used as liquidity on other exchanges it can really put pressure on the price, I can already see the order book has so much buy pressure its eating through the those small bids faster than ever

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