Did your BAT earnings from Brave just disappear? I have a guess as to what is going on...

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Anyone using the Brave Browser may have been a bit surprised to see a much smaller BAT than expected paid out...

Being a long time Brave user myself I have earned a few BAT along the way and was a bit surprised that the most recent month seemed to be significantly lower than expected in terms of BAT earned.

In fact, the prior month seemed a bit low as well.

While I searched the internet for answers, something came to me that may or may not be what is going on...

Though before I will dive into my thoughts, it appears I am not the only one noticing these issues...

Check it out:


(Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/imjlbe/september_2020_brave_ads_payout_updated_support/)

What is going on exactly?

*Keep in mind that I don't know for sure what is going on but I do have some guesses...

Some people seem to think that they didn't get the right amount of BAT paid out to them for the last couple months and they seem to think it keeps getting carried over to the following month.

This being due to some sort of glitch in the payment process.

While that may or may not be true, there is another issue at play here that I think is causing some problems.

And that is the extremely high fees right now on the ethereum blockchain.

BAT is an ERC20 coin that runs on the ethereum blockchain which unfortunately faces the same high transaction fees as everything else on there currently.

Which we can see further evidence of when we try to transfer our BAT from uphold to anywhere else:


(Source: https://uphold.com/en-us/)

Paying 30 BAT in order to send BAT? I don't think so...

I think I will sit back and wait for the fees to come down again.


My guess is that when the BAT is being paid out to people these last few months, the high fees eat up the majority of their earnings before it even reaches their wallets.

So, while it may "appear" that you earned 40 BAT last month, you only had 5 BAT actually show up in your wallet.

That's not necessarily a glitch in the payment processing system of BAT but instead a natural function of using the ethereum blockchain, which is seeing extraordinary high fees relating to the defi explosion.

Perhaps we can get them to switch to HIVE. ;)

Again, no guarantee this is what is going on here but this does make a lot of sense to me and is my best guess as to what is happening.

Stay informed my friends.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Looking back to the previous months it does make some logical sense now, as I have noticed the same diminishing payouts.

Thanks for this information, I'll take a look on my earnings

Yeah, that is for sure the problem. I had a feeling it was going to be like that so I am letting the BAT sit in my uphold wallet until things cool down a bit. The ETH gas fees are causing huge issues for average normal NON rich people like myself. I can't even do a small transaction these days. It's why I keep going further into HIVE. I can do all the things I do with ETH but no fees. Just maybe without the yield farming and such, but I use dlease for delegation so there's that, lol.

It will be interesting to see what Brave does. I don't see the fees coming down for a long time on Ethereum which means this will be an issue for them going forward...

This is exactly why I've consolidated my holdings to BTC, ETH, and Hive.
I believe this will be a good mix of POW, POS, and DPOS going forward.
Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Yep, good diversification of technologies. I like those three as well.

Advertising comes to me 1-2 times a week / although it used to be several times an hour.

Check your notification options in your browser and OS. I had this issue as well and fixed it by changing the notifications options. I never altered them either, so I dont know why there was an issue in the first place.

Thanks - I'll try it today ✔️

Took the words righ out of my mouth. I was wondering what was going on. I expected almost 20 BAT and only saw an increase of 4. This makes perfect sense.

Yep, similar to my situation as well.

I have seen this issue happen with users before and in the end they all seem to get their BAT eventually. I just had this happen to me this month, so I will see if its true or not.

Yes I have as well in that it was just delayed. This appears to be something else. It just pending rewards as a much higher number than actually gets sent out and it appears tons of people are having that same issue. Either a glitch or due to the high fees. I'm guessing fees at this point.

Fees do make sense.

I’ve never heard of these rewards thank you for sharing knowledge my friend !

They weren't a ton, but something like 30-40 BAT per month for clicking a mouse. It came out to about $10 a month or so. Not great, but hey it's mostly free money.

Switching payout option to Hive would be excellent option.

Ha, yes it would. Though I doubt they abandon their native token.

Micropayments don't work on Ethereum!

How do we get em over to HIVE?

BAT is an ERC20 coin that runs on the ethereum blockchain which unfortunately faces the same high transaction fees as everything else on there currently.

Interesting. As many Defi projects run on Eth could they face the same "destiny"?

Yes, the definitely could. Get em over to HIVE? It seems the fee model is destined to replace ads in the future. Would you rather have fees or ads?


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Yea that seems to be where things are going...

Dont know why newspaper dont adapt to this. Daypass for 10000 satoshi ... and so on

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If i watch YouTube without ad Blocker i go mental

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Perhaps we can get them to switch to HIVE. ;)

If HIVE offers an ad blocker for chrome/firefox/....

Thinking about it my BAT icon completely disappeared

That sounds like something else entirely... Did you uncheck the ad box or did it get reset on accident?

I think I updated the version...

Yes It seems to be delayed and batched at current gas its around 20 BAT to move BAT so what's the point? They'll seriously need to either migrate to an ERC-677 or move to another chain completely if they want to keep this tipping model going

Have you seen anything from the company? They have been pretty quiet about this so far even though it's been going on for a couple months now.

I never had any earnings to start with lol It doesn't work for some countries and it seems mine is out of a program.

That is no fun. The earnings aren't huge, something like 30-40 BAT per month which is about $10 or so. But if the price of BAT were to keep going up, it could be a nice little sum for just clicking a mouse...

Hmm? I have Brave browser after being badgered by a few people to install it. After a while the pop-ps started to annoy me, yes I know that's how you earn BAT. TBH what really put me off was Uphold wanting either my passport or drivers license details. You must be joking? Hello, identity theft.

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Yep, that is pretty annoying but that is becoming par for the course for many crypto exchanges. Regulations are forcing them to comply or be shut down.

I'll have to wait for Coinbase, ionomy or StakeCube to step up then. :-)

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Coinbase asks for quite a few documents already as well. Ionomy is one of the few non KYC exchanges out there that Americans can use currently...

I have accounts with all three which were created pre "Give us your DNA and your first born male child!"

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

I did as well but when I tried to move large amounts of money through Coinbase they made me re-verify basically and asked for similar documents as other KYC exchanges.

That's KYC for you, we need a far more decentralsied option to replace Brave where there's no KYC just to withdraw your own tokens. If an exchange has to set up KYC to operate in a given country, that's on them, but making everyone who just wants to withdraw a token to their own wallet do KYC is complete BS.

It's only a matter of time before a massive KYC leak happens and tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people are screwed.

Thanks! Perhaps starting a Tweet storm about getting Brave to switch to HIVE is in order...

Yeah, better to switch on Hive! (^_^)

Perhaps that is a job for the twitter army?

Thank you, i think you are right with the high transaction fees... that explains the differences
in earnings and payouts...

That's my best guess, other than that, it's some sort of glitch.

A micropayment platform on the Ethereum main chain is doomed to fail. Also lost all my BAT some time ago after a Brave browser update, on a browser not linked to Uphold.

Interesting. Did you try going through support and figuring out a solution?

no, was not worth it ;)

Hey, every dollar 'earned' is another dollar that can be used to pick up some more HIVE!

would be better to keep the bat where it is and avoid the fees just collecting them in one sum when you want to or just yearly

Agreed. Though they send em to you each month, which appears to eat up the majority of your earnings with the high fees.

My experience is even worse. I lost my BAT that was ALREADY in my verified Uphold account. Now the account is treated as a fresh one, with no transaction history, no balance and no verification. Same email though. Contacted Uphold support, haven't heard from them in 4 days after day 1 when they asked for transaction id proof. As far as I know, there's no way to obtain a transaction id from Etherium based on your Brave browser.

That seems odd and possibly unrelated to what is going on now. When did the balance disappear?

4 days ago. One idea that crosses my mind is that this may be a software bug. Right before I noticed the missing BAT I accidentally turned off and then back on rewards on my Brave browser. Maybe somehow that triggered the balance to be re-initialized on the linked wallet.

Strange... that would sound more like if the rewards were just pending, but the fact you said they were already in your uphold wallet and then disappeared? I don't even have a guess at this point. It's almost like the blockchain reset to a prior time before those rewards were sent to you or something...

It's almost like the blockchain reset to a prior time before those rewards were sent to you or something...

I doubt it, as I don't see anyone complaining of the exact same problem and this one would be really big, as I have had some of them for months there. Not impressive amounts luckily, but still, the issue remains. That's actually the reason why I haven't moved or exchanged them for a different crypto, I thought it's too small amount and I liked BAT anyway...

I notice this a well all the ETH based apps are crumbling to American schemes ;( I was on fire fox for so long, now they ruin brave ;( saddddd

Well it hasn't ruined Brave, it just has made the payouts way less. The other benefits of using Brave are still there.

If you send over 100 BAT I believe it waves the fees.

I'd prefer Brave die off rather than come here, it's incredibly centralised and it'd be better to have something more decentralised and without KYC replace it.

The entire point of cryptocurrency is to be free of BS from any government, and KYC definitely falls under being government BS.

If you think cryptocurrency is going to survive and be "free of BS from any government" well, I think that is being naive. Governments have armies and jail while cryptocurrency has nerds with computers. Cryptocurrency can continue to move forward but I highly doubt it will be able to do so independent of governments.

So far technology has always won, China and Russia try to curtail the use of Tor yet people still get around the blocks and there's not much the governments can do about it. The new snowflake project will make it even more difficult for governments to block Tor.

All we would need is a cryptocurrency similar to Monero but built on top of the I2P network and we'd have something near impossible to block, at least not without killing the entire internet along with it. With that, we would need is at least one exchange operating somewhere in the world that would exchange that cryptocurrency for ones like Monero which can then be exchanged for fiat or physical goods.

You have to remember, most governments are run by a bunch of old people who have no clue how modern technology works. Sure, things may change in the next 40 years, though given the current state of the world, it looks like we're likely going to move towards having more directly democratic governments before then.

Government power is fairly limited in scope, technology is global.

Ideally sure. How many exchanges do you know of currently where you can get your fiat in or out without having to provide identification? The government has already clamped down on this to a large degree...

Only chance is if everything suddenly were to be priced in crypto. Even though, people would still need to get their fiat in...

The people over at KYC, Not Me! maintain an incomplete list of exchanges and services where no KYC is required, at least not for most transactions. If you know of any that aren't listed, you could let them know.

Decentralised exchanges like Bisq are likely your best option for exchanging fiat for crypto. I use Flyp.me for exchanging small amounts of crypto to other crypto, even though they may not have the best of exchange rates.

A good way to encourage crypto adoption would be to push businesses to start accepting asset-backed crypto like USD Coin or Paxos Standard. Once they have infrastructure in place to accept crypto it would become easier to convince them to start accepting more forms of crypto like Monero, Hive, etc.

Do you know of any exchange where you can get fiat in or out without providing identification? As far as I know this is where the government is mainly focused. The on/off ramps. If they control those they can police things to an extent.

If you're outside of the USA, there are several exchanges that do not require KYC for smaller amounts of money, typically under a few thousand euros worth. If you're in the USA you would have to use a decentralised exchange or have a trusted friend outside the USA who can purchase coins on your behalf.

Decentralised exchanges are peer to peer and some sellers may require ID while other do not, they've been slowly picking up in usage ever since governments started to clamp down on exchanges.

I haven't receive any BAT since spring, and brave rewards have been turned on since it first became an option

Sounds like there may be multiple issues at play here...

I have the same impression. Good to have read your post. I was thinking it was just me. I have received very little BAT compared to what I was getting at the beginning. I hope they solve this.

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Yep, pretty much what I noticed as well. I was thinking, I am pretty sure I clicked the same amount of ads as I normally do each month, yet my monthly earning was about 80% lower than it normally has been...

I confirm that here in Italy this couple has some problems. sometimes the gains come and sometimes they don't ... It's now 3/4 months that the gains come very few ... It almost seems that the platform has worsened in recent months.

Most coin I earned was use to pay the ethereum gas fee.

I didn't really pay close attention to previous months, but expected ad earnings for the next cycle is several cents. That was when I first wondered about it, before coming across your post.

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