Are you part of the "BTC whole coiner club"?

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The number of network address holding at least 1 full BTC hit a new all time high yesterday...

Are you a part of the whole coiner club on BTC?

If so, you are gaining new friends pretty much by the day.

The number of network addresses holding at least 1 full bitcoin hit a new all time high yesterday.

Check it out:


As you can see, the number of network addresses holding at least 1 full bitcoin topped 823k for the first time every yesterday.

From the lower left to the upper right...

Not only did we see new all time highs for the whole coiner club yesterday but we have continued to see new highs for that club for some time now.

Basically since bitcoin was created.

Going back all the way to 2010, the number of network addresses holding at least 1 full BTC in them has continued to climb higher and higher every single year.

It's been the epitome of a "from the lower left to the upper" right kind of chart.

This is exactly what you would expect from a coin and chain that is getting more and more widely distributed.

I joined the whole coiner club back in 2016 and with many people likely owning more than 1 coin and only 21 million ever to be created, that club will likely be a pretty exclusive club.

What about you, are you there yet?

Stay informed my friends.


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I am about 0.35 off the whole coiner club hope to get there sooner before it becomes impossible

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Yea it was a lot easier to buy a whole bitcoin than it is today... :)

I am on my way too! 🙂

You will likely be in exclusive company a few years from now.

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Nice, thanks.

Yeah! Well done @jrcornel! This one is a difficult one to get!👍👍

Club 21

Are you in it?


Why not?

now its "only" 10k but pretty soon its going to be enough money not to mention that you are in that club...

I know I would not if I was. That is like painting a "hack me" target on your digital back

Good point. I use Blockfi, Celcius, Crypto dot com and a couple more investments that are insured that adds a few more to the bag per year. And there may be some seed words stamped on a stainless steel plate if memory serves me correct for the back up bag.

Hacking the insured accounts would have my BTC replaced taking more liquidity out of the market!