A Joe Biden/Donald Trump victory in November does what to the price of Bitcoin?

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The most controversial election in my lifetime will likely have a tremendous impact on the price of risky assets, including bitcoin

We are now less than 2 months away from perhaps the most controversial election in the last 40 years.

Given that backdrop, it makes sense to expect that the outcome may have far reaching impacts on stocks, gold, and probably bitcoin.

If Joe Biden wins there is likely to be an increase in taxes across the board and we are likely to see Donald Trump challenge the results and claim voter fraud as well as the election being stolen from him.

The fallout from which could last for months post election.

If Donald Trump wins the exact same thing will happen as well. Mostly spearheaded by the BLM movement which will not accept anything but a Donald Trump exit from office. And we've already seen the lengths of protesting and rioting that this group will go to, can you imagine what might happen if Trump were to win again?

That being said, let me know your thoughts below on what a Biden or Trump presidency means for the price of risky assets, specifically for bitcoin.

My thoughts...

Based on how efficient markets tend to me and based on how the polls have looked for months, I suspect that the markets are mostly pricing in a Joe Biden victory.

That includes higher taxes for corporations and the wealthy.

Which also means investors are thinking that a Biden presidency would be good for gold and bad for the dollar as that has been the trend fro months now.

That being said, I suspect stocks could struggle with a Biden victory, specifically because the narrative that we seem to be getting from the left is that of more social programs and more help for the underprivileged and poor.

On the other side, a Trump victory likely shocks markets, which would probably cause some panic initially, especially with all the rioting and turmoil it would cause.

However, I think stocks would start marching higher shortly after as he has been very good for the stock market over the years cutting taxes and seemingly favoring capitalism.

And if stocks go higher, it probably means bitcoin goes higher as well as it has been more correlated to stocks over the last 6 months than any other asset.

I think if either candidtate becomes president bitcoin will do well. Trump is more likely to try and ban it than Biden is in my opinion but both candidates will likely see continuing money printing and devaluation of the dollar which will likely continue to be good for bitcoin prices.

What do you think?

Stay informed my friends.

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I think Bitcoin is going to spike to 20k either way and then flash crash to 13k no matter what happens. Our imperialist foreign policy will not change. Our sanctions will not change. The entire world is competing to own more Bitcoin.

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Agreed. And probably most importantly, the money printing habits will not change either...

The CBs are trapped. They don't have any other way out but to monetize debt.

Yep, that is exactly right. They can't really ever let interest rates rise again because of the cost to service that debt...

I agree with the first part of going to 20k, but I think the second part will be a continuation and not a reversal. Quality crypto is in a league of its own.

We'll see! People do crazy things when ATH happens (like foolishly dump).

Indeed. It's always a possibility.


If history repeats we'll hit ATH, dip 30-40%, then make a full recovery back to ATH in a month.

New hope

Sure, but what about for the price?

the tradicion says the USA president make two times, i do not know the time say us.

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I am not sure what this says exactly...

I say maybe donald trump continued as president, sorry my bad english, usa usually have two periods presidencial the same president.

Ah yes that is true. The incumbent does usually win, however, Biden has been leading Trump in the polls for some time now and they've been pretty substantial leads for the most part.

Yes it is true but do not forget the last election a lot of the poll give hillary victory, and the surprisess was this well hope Usa that controlling the world do it good independent which be the president elected.

Very good point. It will be interesting to see if the "silent majority" shows up again in droves this time around and if they do what that means for bitcoin.

I think your analysis is spot on...nice post.

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Thanks. What do you think this means for bitcoin?

either way
hope lambo