High premium silver coin - Pavo Constellation

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Dear investors and/or coin lovers,

Today I show you a special silver coin that did not come cheap but I hope will appreciate in value as a collectors item.

The coin was minted in 2013 a part of a small serie of DOMED coins showing some constellations in the sky/universe.


I hope you can see that "domed" means that the coin is struck in a round hollow way. Like a part of a globe.


The PAVO constellation was first described in 1598 by Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius. It is often referred to as the peacock and is best visible in August in the southern hemisphere. So for Ozzies and people in Southern Africa and - America .

So is the QUEEN ALSO DO(O)MED ???


On Ebay the coin is doing 120 USD (ask) while I paid 60 EUR.


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That's a very unusual piece. Never seen anything like it.

Beautiful coin, not so beautiful price. :=(

Wow, this is a very cool looking coin, very unusual thanks for sharing.

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