Why does the mainstream HATE crypto?

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Why does the mainstream HATE crypto?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

I’m genuinely baffled by the genuine hate that crypto receives on Twitter from the mainstream.

If you’ve recently clicked a mainstream tech, art or sport themed Twitter account talking about crypto, you would have no doubt been greeted with a barrage of hate.

No, not just a slight wariness of crypto and blockchain tech, but a proper deep hate for it and anybody in the thread who dares offer an alternate opinion.

I find this not only this public pushback, but complete vitriol amongst already marginalised communities, completely baffling.

This is a story that I feel I can personally relate to.

You see, I’m a football fan in Australia.

In this country, football is very much a niche sport.

A country where the mainstream media and competing codes have a vested interest in ensuring that is where it remains.

Those with a monetary interest at the top push the agenda and the fans just latch on and create this depreciating cycle where you’re made to feel like a criminal simply on a night out.

Now, as part of the crypto community, especially here on Hive, does that sound familiar?

Those with vested interests at the top like banks and legacy media organisations with a vested interest in seeing crypto fail?

A narrative that they create and their army of disciples in the financial and media world latch onto and are happy to perpetrate on their behalf?


It’s exactly the same.

And it’s for this reason that I’m always shocked to read such uninformed, negative takes on crypto from within the Australian football community.

Those ignorant views blindly using their influence to push an agenda is exactly the same as what happens to football.

It’s like the small kid that gets bullied, turning around and then bullying the smaller kid to feel better.

Truly baffling.

Within the Australian football community, we so often try to take the high road.

The community has to take an open, world view of the sporting landscape as a result.

Again, this is strikingly similar to how we view the world within the crypto community.

We are a truly global community where nation states and governments literally don’t matter anymore.

Of course there are hooligans, racists and the like within the football community which the media can, and of course does, latch onto.

For what we say is unfair, negatively focused press.

We’re not all like that and overall football fans actually provide far more good for their community than fans of other codes.

Again, sound familiar?

Yep, just like there are scams and bad actors within the crypto community, we know the decentralised infrastructure being built is literally life changing for humanity.

I’ll say it once more, it is exactly the same!

Honestly, I don’t have an answer to the question.

Just like the media companies investing in rival sports have a monetary interest to see football fail, those at the top have an obvious vested interest in seeing the financial status quo remain.

Should I not be expecting more from society to not be sheep that are just happy to go along and follow?

I mean especially those in already marginalised communities like tech nerds, digital artists and football fans, who seem to be the loudest in this regard?

You would think trying to build decentralised infrastructure that aims to shift the power from the few to the many, would actually be something extremely helpful.

So, why does the mainstream HATE crypto?

I’m genuinely baffled.

Best of probabilities to you.

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"They hate us cus they ain't us".

Really though, crypto is disruptive by nature. Crypto is levelling the playing field and that is something that the media, government and their lapdogs will never want.

As crypto continues to spread, the number of people with interest in their finance and control of their wealth also increases. This passive financial education crypto gives us kind of exposes the banks and all the establishments for the frauds that they are.

The government will never accept crypto. Crypto is the exact opposite of the government. Crypto is transparent, decisions are based on consensus and the community, rather than one person's political ambition comes first.

The foundation and ethos of crypto ensures that the community will constantly be at the cross hairs of legacy and mainstream establishments. They will highlight scams, rug pulls and all the negatives.

They will also hide all the positives and life changing opportunity. This is how it will be forever

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It's obvious why those at the top hate crypto - I mean they genuinely have something to lose.

But the mainstream people at the bottom who just go along with the scam narrative without even trying to understand the tech is what I find truly baffling.

I do think that sentiment will change eventually, but it doesn't seem like that will be anytime soon.

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The mainstream people trust the government because "the devil you know..."

We'll probably be old men sailing the world in a yatch or something but eventually, they'll warm to it.

Over here in africa, the government hates crypto, I don't know if they feel it's illegal or what

Well authoritarian governments have the most to lose.

It's completely understandable why they would hate crypto.

But the general population, who stands to benefit the most via increased freedom and global integration, most definitely should not be hating crypto.

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I think the hate comes from a place of envy and misunderstanding. It's like a "been there, done that" sort of hate, you know. Why the heck are they getting rich but when I got some Bitcoin at an ATH with my mortgage, I lost my house and now I'm homeless?

Let's be real, the masses are filled with dumb people. No matter how hard we try, a lot of people will remain dumb and there's very little that can be done about that.

Asides from the fact that crypto provides a level ground for everyone, it's still highly misunderstood. And what's worse is when people choose to stay ignorant rather than get off their high horse and learn.

I was a brief crypto hater until I saw the light. I never spread hate on social media coz a part of me felt ignorant on the topic. However, the moment I got a little knowledge, I became "Blochchained for life".

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You're right.

A lot of it is just because they don't understand.

Crypto and the decentralised tech being built alongside it, is an extremely confusing and complex topic.

Give it time :)

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As someone who follows gaming news, I see a lot of hate whenever games even mention adding in NFTs. They don't think NFTs are really anything new and it's a cash grab. After all, these companies have been finding ways to cheat consumers out of money through DLC (cutting content out of the game), loot boxes and other micro-transaction. It's no wonder everyone is skeptical about crypto in gaming.

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The hate coming from the gaming community is what shocks me the most.

For example when Discord talked about integrating crypto and NFTs into their chat platform, the absolute vitriol in the replies.


But if NFTs and token economies were integrated into gaming franchises, then the gamers would actually be able to take ownership of their assets.

Instead of what we see right now where the game design companies take advantage by releasing new versions of the game year after year, thus making everything gained in the previous unsupported version worthless.

I just don't get it...

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The problem is that most games won't do that because it's an easy way to make money for them. The gaming companies are the biggest barriers to getting people to recognize NFTs.

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I’m genuinely baffled by the genuine hate that crypto receives on Twitter from the mainstream

As good as Jesus was, he was hated by a lot of people. So keep calm.

And it’s for this reason that I’m always shocked to read such uninformed, negative takes on crypto from within the Australian football community.

I hope you are aware that some of this negativity are based on lack of knowledge.

So, why does the mainstream HATE crypto?

I guess they are scared that the power will be transferred to the people.
They know that crypto is the future of finances and the way things are going it can't be stopped


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