TipU Curation Project - 100% Curations Diversity Reached

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In the last days, I aimed for a goal that was, in a way, easily reached yet hard to really get there.

At the TipU Curation Project I wanted to achieve a perfect Curations Diversity percentage of 100%.

Here it is!

You get this score when you don't repeat any curations ie don't curate the same user more than once in a time frame of the last two weeks.

As you can see I gave 47 curations in the last fourteen days and tried hard not to repeat a single user.

What is the meaning of this, apart from diversifying your curation.

The number of daily curations is directly connected to this score. With a higher percentage, you have more votes you can distribute.

You get 5 curations for a 100% score.

In the following days, I will try to maintain a perfect score and, at the same time, give five daily upvotes.

So, what is TipU Curation Project? Let's quote the guidelines.

Please focus on rewarding authors who put real effort into their content - especially those who haven't been noticed yet. Apart from that:

  • no curation of low-effort posts, like a single mobile photo with few words, automatically crated content, etc.
  • no higher self-curation ratio than 10% is allowed (recent update)
  • max post age - 2 days
  • curators inactive for longer than a week are removed from the list

How do I approach the curation?

I occasionally, several times daily, check both my feed and general feed of new posts and search for posts which I deem worthy upvoting. It's subjective, of course.

OK, let's go to work. I have five curations to distribute for today.

Better and better

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Awesome Ervin!

Fair and square quration!

Thank you!


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Thanks :)


@ervin-lemark denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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