CakePop - Goodbye and Good Riddance

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I really don't know why I joined this IDO in the first place. It was against my better judgment.

Now, even with a substantial loss, it's high time to run away and ditch this pop without the cake.

Standings before abandoning the ship.

After the selling on PancakeSwap i came out with 81.7 $BUSD. Minus the fees which were $1.13.

I started this adventure with 112.7 $BUSD and 172.2 $CUB. At the time, three weeks ago, this was valued at $225 in total.

So, the verdict is a loss of two-thirds. Eh ... Not a good sign for future IDOs on CubFinance!

PS: I needed to top up $BNB ob BSC to cover the fees. @deathwing's BSC Bridge came to the rescue again. Thank you!

Better and better

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The other thing I can't understand is how having another farm that prints CUB is going to lead to higher prices. The initial burn is good but then it does seem like more cub gets printed if the farm gets popular.

That too, yes.


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Sorry for your loss mate. Shit happens. Been in this boat severally. I normally would selloff at the listing of the token and wait and see the direction of the project. I guess we learn from stuffs like this

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Thanks. It's no biggy. I had a hunch from the start that this is worthless.

Ouch... A bad loss, but not a Terrible one. You did the right thing choosing to invest I believe. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Thanks. I intentionally invested a minor sum.

Thinking about those who bought lots of this ... Not good.

Also, not a good start for CubFinance IDOs no matter how the team wants to distance themselves from the offer.

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