The Planned Attack On The Economy

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Over the last week South Africa has seen a planned attack on it's economy from a group within the ruling party's circle. This circle has been named as 12 individuals and the charges that will be laid against them are that of treason.

This is the first time we have seen social media help instigate hatred and violence on this scale in South Africa and the likes of Twitter did absolutely nothing. Crazy to think they suspend accounts like Splinterlands yet allow a country to go to the dogs through no policing of their own. These are WhatsApp messages but there have been so many tweets calling for looters to move to new sites as this was carefully planned and coordinated. I do expect some type of regulation regarding social media to be raised over the coming weeks as unfortunately they have left themselves wide open.

The idea was that they would create unstablility within the country bringing the economy to it's knees and hopefully forcing the President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down or tow the line. Insighting violence with widespread looting targeting certain businesses was all planned and there has been proof of such actions leaked already.

The Zuma clan has been trying to remain relevant ever since Jacob Zuma left office and the latest is his son wants to run in the 2024 Presidential elections. The problem is he is linked to the corruption and State Capture with the Guptas who are expected to return and face a trial. When they return Zuma's son is expected to be exposed plus many others and this attack is much a defence of themselves in some ways as they don't want any trials to go ahead.

A vast majority of Zuma's followers are Zulu and there is a high percentage of them uneducated which makes them easy to manipulate. Social media which has played a part in other elections around the world played it's part here as well and it became clearly obvious the plan of attack. These people are not intelligent in any form so it didn't take much to start linking the dots together.

Now there is a timeline that the people of South Africa have to see followed with the follow up and arrests of the people involved in this attempted "coup". Ramaphosa has the opportunity now and the backing of the country to fix things by getting rid of all the corrupt elements that he inherited once he had taken office. The ANC Government has to fix this otherwise as a party they are finished.

I believe the shock has now turned into anger among many as to the levels of treachery and manipulation that we have witnessed. What is clear is this is all about themselves and not about the country and the idea of being able to twist the narrative into a racial scenario makes my blood boil. These businesses on their shopping lists were singled out on racial grounds which is just simply wrong and tells you more about how they think which is dangerous.

What is sad about what has happened is the insurance that will be paid out will not cover all the damaged businesses. Your normal business insurance doesn't cover political unrest and is a separate insurance entirely. The South African Special Risks Insurance is a State owned entity and will only cover the main businesses who had all risks in place. Many will only receive a fraction of the damages as the maximum payout is R500 Million per claim. Smaller businesses who have suffered will struggle to recoup any money back which is how these things normally work. Current stats reckon that there are in excess of 40 000 businesses that have been affected from the last week of uprising.

Our business will hopefully be up and running again on Monday as the main freeway between Johannesburg and Natal is now open this evening. My clients understand and orders are on hold until further notice which is understandable as we got very lucky with all things considering. I expect that from this businesses will have a closer bond with each other and this will create further opportunity.

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When I saw this sort of stuff going on I was wondering if your warehouse was secure. I guess nothing terrible happened right where your work is?

We got lucky as the factory is in an industrial area that was hit hard. Many of my clients have been affected badly which will also impact us along the way. Monday we are open again so I will be making phone calls to catch up to see how good or bad this is.

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