The Rundown On Blogging For Crypto!! Why Should We Settle For Less?

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I truly know for a fact that blogging does'nt get the respect it needs, with so much platforms out there and the plethora of information people still down bloggers for giving they're piece of mind.

If most internet consumers choose to scroll down social media platforms and waste their time on content that is half as interesting than someone who puts their all into what they are giving as value, then this shows that people really have nothing better to do with their time.

I'm not against content but it's time that people see the true effort that bloggers put into creating their content and give them a heads up on their efforts to express their true feelings and the want to send their message out there.

Thanks to LEO and Hive Blockchain we are incentivised for sharing things our followers and readers want to digest and we are open to the world of constructive criticisms that leads to great conversations.

In one of my earlier post I talked about the Laws Of Attraction, but what gets me is the big corporate heads that choose to make their platforms catered to themselves with no community input (come on where's the value there!).

With that said the true value of community really speaks for itself when you use Leo or Hive as it's not just one persons say, we are governed by ourselves as a collective group (which is awesome).

In conclusion I'm just stating that the next wave of social media is here and anyone in the world has a say to what they digest and content isn't just stuffed down your throught being overlooked by one single entity. The true Laws Of Attraction work when community has a say into what they digest and are universally attracted to.

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