Blurt to Hive to some secret Hive-Engine Tokens

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Good afternoon hive Blockchain, this is Chrono I wanted to share with you my power down of some blurt and traded it for some hive and I purchased some hive engine tokens with that 300 and some hive now keep in mind I did go ahead and power down 65,000 blurt and I get about 5100 and some change of blurt every single week so that relates to the current market I was able to go ahead and go and transfer it to blurt link that to sell Blurt to straight to hive.

I was able to go ahead and transfer 5148 Blurt and I was able to get 300.9 swap.hive of that and then I was able to go ahead and purchase some secrets hive engine tokens that's making come $$.

For those that have Blurt good thing you sold in the beginning,... I am trying to get what I can unless it explodes. ....

Lets see.

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I am barely able to keep up with happenings on Hive, let alone on blurt or steem. I am still sort of waiting to see if anything will come of the zapata project, doesn't seem to have hit the ground just yet however.

Keep a schedule and follow it. Makes things a whole lot easier.

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which are the secret tokens! share your secrets oh wise one

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You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

65000 blurt is something. I have around 2000+ blurt. I hope to acquire more and hodl. I think there should be some improvement on the platform.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 35 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!