An Underrated Monster in Splinterlands

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I have been playing Splinterlands for years and ever so often I find a Monster that is so Underrated that I almost never see this Monster used in fights. I for one love this Monster and it's the PELACOR DECEIVER which is a Monster from the Death Splinter and belongs to the Common Rarity. This Monster at its Max Level comes with 3 different abilities


The first Ability is the FLY which increases the chances of Evading Enemy Attacks, the second ability is the BACKFIRE Ability where if the enemy misses an attack on this Monster the enemy gets hit by two damage and finally, it also has the RETALIATE Ability which as the name suggests has a chance to retaliate against any Melee attack that lands on this Monster.
So at Max Level, since it has FLY Ability there is a higher percentage of enemies Missing this Monster and since it has to BACKFIRE they get damaged by 2 but even if the Enemy Monster lands an Attack since it also has the RETALIATE Ability there is also a chance that it will Strike Back. It's so damn good. Plus it also helps that it has 3 Attack Points, 5 Speed Points, and 10 Health Points.

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So as for a demonstration of how I use PELACOR DEFENDER here is a Battle which I had recently where the rule was that we could only use MELEE Monsters and they were also under ENRAGE, so I placed a Cursed Windeku as my Main Tank and Corrupted Pegasus with its reach and Heal ability as my next Monster, then I had a couple of Monsters with the Sneak Ability to get some Sneaky Hits in and at Last I placed my PELACOR DEFENDER at the End as I was expecting some Sneaky Monsters on the Opponent Side.

And as I said in the very beginning this Battle was a perfect example to showcase all the Abilities of PELACOR DEFENDER and he was definitely up for the task. He used both Retaliate and Backfire Abilities to deal some serious damage to the opponent Sneaky Monsters and as a result of that and my Main Tank, I won the fight with ease.

The thing that fascinates me is that this Monster is available for 0.01 USD per BCX so you only need 4 USD to get a Max Level Pelacor Defender and if you want to have a Gold Foil one then that will cost you just around 9 USD. In that price range, I will say this Card is definitely Undervalued in my Opinion and that is why I have already Maxed out both my Regular and Gold Foiled Pelacor Defender my hopes are that it will appreciate in Value in the Future.


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Hello mate!

I haven't played Splinterlands in a while but at least I remember this monster yet I wasn't using it actually and that's one smart way to use it yet it requires level 10 and it will take me ages to reach a league where I can use level 10 monsters sadly.

Thanks for sharing!