In Less Than 20 Days I am About to Find Out the Difference of Office Job and Having a Business (financially)

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When I was in college I was dreaming of working in an office. A few months after I finished college my dream came through and I went to practice my profession for about 17 years in a large multi-branch company. Within that span, I learned a lot about information technology including cryptocurrency and blockchain. And within that span, my office computer (photo below) has accompanied me in fulfilling my job and my passion.

But as I am staying long on my professional job sometimes I felt that there's something missing, something that will make me free. And after that realization, I have been pondering about leaving the professional field of Information Technology in favor of establishing a business.

From that moment on having my own business became my dream. And for so many years the idea of me leaving my day job hasn't left me since. There were times that I am writing own the type of business that I will put of once I left my job.

A Realization

Since the day that I entertained the thought of leaving my day job, I realized that it is not an easy thing to do.

First, I need to have capital in order for me to start a business. Second, I need to have at least an understanding of how a business operates. Not only that, I realized that it is better to have a companion that has extensive knowledge in running a business if I don't want to screw things up.

The Dream Starts to Become a Reality

A few months ago, I contacted my two elder sisters, I told them I am now planning to leave my job to start a business.

At first, they were surprised because they knew that I have a good-paying job. But when my words start to sink into their consciousness, they said, "okay, it is your decision, I will help you if you really want to start a business".

And that's it. Right the next day I submitted my resignation letter to my immediate superior.

Living a Professional Life with a Family of Four

As I am writing this piece I realized that this would be a multi-series article because I think that I have to post a follow-up to this one outlining how I differentiate the life of being a professional office worker from a business person.

Now, back to the topic, as I said earlier I have a good-paying job. With that said, I can provide for my family of four with a little excess money after each payday.

But I soon realized that I need to make some more money to buy a house and a car and save more for my family's future.

That is why I chose to leave the professional field of Information Technology in favor or establishing a business.

I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father, and a husband.

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Goodluck po sir

Thank you.

May God bless you on your entrepreneurship journey. Good luck.

Thank you very much.

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Good luck sir on your new journey! May your business prosper!

Thank you very much.

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