Covid Catastrophe: Good-bye 7 Eleven

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I was recently asked how many 7-11's have closed down here on the island of Koh Phangan since the start of the global pandemic. I have not actually gone around and taken a count, but after being here for far too long I would have to say at least two thirds are boarded up and shut down. The entire island is like an economic waste land of closed businesses. If you don't come face to face with it where you live you may not notice how things are in many parts of the world. Here on this once heavily tourist-ed island in the gulf of Thailand you really can't ignore the loss of business and jobs if you wanted to. Now come, have a look for yourself.

Another one bites the dust!


shut down business


They used to specialize in board games and was a popular place in Thong Nai Pan Noi in the north east.


Looks well kept, they may now be open as Thailand has made it easier for tourist to enter the country.


Just needs a little TLC and were back in business.


This is the ticket box to enter the huge ""Half Moon Festival" Which is a spin off party of the full moon party. Many people said this event is better as it's more like going to a live concert. I think it had a $30 dollar (1,000baht) cover.


Look at those vines. Amazing watching nature "take back".


Welcome to Floor G!




Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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It is sad what has happened. A lot of people are scared to leave because they don't know if they would be able to get back. The Biden administration made it so you have to test negative 24 hours before getting on a flight back to the United States in an attempt to force everyone into the vaccine. Only 62% of US Citizens supposedly got it.

I ll never get the clot shot. How many news anchors and soccer players need to drop dead live on tv before the masses wake up? Let the lemmings march off a cliff, i ve had enough of this insanity.

I haven't heard it called the clot shot yet. That is a solid description. My friends mom got the booster and a blood vessel burst in her eye.

I never got it so I guess I will just be a second class citizen over here.

Check out this video of all the athletes collapsing.

It's crazy how people think all this is normal.

Wow. I've heard it called that for at least 6 months now. But I closely follow sources that have been banned from youtube, twitter, FB...long time ago, like Mike Adams Natural News. Censorship is all about hiding the truth from the people, so that is always my go to trusted source. But yeah, it's a blatant depopulation agenda. Even Gates is on record himself saying we need to reduce the world population through vaccines. You're about to watch Darwin's theory of evolution play out on steroids over the next ten years. Thanks for the video, the amazing thing is that most people who need to watch this won't, and if they do, they'll dismiss it simply to protect their own biases.

But don't worry about being a second class citizen, better than shortening your life span by up to 99%. Some say, all this will come out in the next year or two...or three, as the death's will be impossible to ignore. and hmmm how come nobody can get pregnant anymore??? duh! and society will have to rely on the unvaxed to take care of all the dead and injured. And people wonder why I'm bitter and down on society. Not simply cause I can no longer travel, cause I'm surrounded by brainwashed vaccine zombies. I've literally had it! Now I have strep throat from sucking in bacteria on my stupid useless mask I had to wear to go to the mall the other day.

By the way, insurance companies are showing a crazy surge in all cause death since the vaccines. Not to be mentioned anywhere on the mainstream. And in the UK, 40% increase in all cause death for the vaxed vs unvaxed. It's like I'll trade not getting a runny nose and fever for a heart attack. I just channeled that joke from a dead Bob Saget. Fucking sick. I'm beyond disgusted.

I hear you 100%. People really didn't know what to do in all honesty. Last winter my parents were faced with getting the vaccine or take their chances with the virus. They chose to get the vaccine. Luckily nothing serious seemed to happen. Myself on the other hand took a wait and see approach and it seemed like a lot of guys in their 20's and 30's were getting sick from the vaccine. I never got it and that was the right choice for myself.

The tough thing is that it is hard to not cause an Internet fight posting stuff on Instagram and other mainstream outlets.

I know what you are saying about the rise in deaths even from people who are 18-45. I feel like there are probably a lot of suicides as well because people have been demoralized in a lot of places. Even for someone like myself it is very debilitating thinking I may never be able to travel to Australia again.

I totally get what you're saying. People have been lied to from day one and have been forced to make decisions on the information available, true or not. I'm a bit harsh lately in my opinions, but that's only cause I'm just so burnt out on all of this. For example today I walk out of my hotel room and in the parking lot I see what looks like a really fit, strong 30 year old Thai man, sitting himself, wearing two masks and a plastic bubble shield on his face baking in the sun. Ten minutes later a family of three pull into the parking lot all wearing masks (in their car together), then the father yells at his maybe 4 year old daughter to put her mask back on as they get out of the car. The mother and father both about 50lbs overweight carrying a case of beer with them. Yet me, unvaxed in perfect weight and health is the problem. I just can't stand it anymore. I'm surrounded by stupid everywhere I go.

People are living in such fear from the mass propaganda they'll literally do anything to feel safe. If the government told everyone here in Thailand that walking down the street backwards was the answer, I'd probably be living in a country with 70 million people walking backwards bumping into each other thinking they were "fighting the virus".

Headline news today in the country was that we had our very first death from Omicron. An 86 year old woman with Alzhiemers. Run out and get your booster or you'll be next! Time to lock down the country! A light breeze could have blown this lady over and she'd drop dead, and the country is in a panic from the headline news. It's as if common sense is a thing of the past. So so so sick of it all.

Problem, reaction, solution. Solution.....Russian rullet with the vaccines for everyone! YAY! Just hope your folks got the saline shots and don't take more. They say each batch of vaccines is different. Some are harmless and some are super harmful. In fact most of the vaccine deaths are from certain batch numbers, where you will get zero or almost zero deaths from other batch numbers. It's total Russian Rullet, but you keep taking the boosters your odds just get worse and worse.

Luckily my parents both in their 70's are well aware of the agenda and have not gotten the shots. I sent them a bottle of ivermectin I got here for 2 dollars. They got sick over the holidays, and were better in no time with the ivermectin. It's blatant genocide withholding the cure from the people after unleashing a genetically engineered bioweapon, I just hope people wake up before it's too late.

I agree. I have become sick of it as well. Even from the start I said the three ply medical masks were a joke and wouldn't do much. People would have to wear a full face respirator or a hazmat suit. It is weird for the people who are still wearing a mask and think it helps and can't see the politicians only wearing them for pictures.

I have been surprised how slow people have been coming around figuring out that this is just a big money grab / control grab.

Right....Well, it's been a pleasure. I just did 130 kl on the back roads in Southern Thailand. Now at a nice hotel in the highest mountain range in this part of the country. If I ever make back to your neck of the woods we can sit on a street corner and have a beer together as two 2nd class citizens! Thanks for supporting my blog even after hivewatchers has all but destroyed it. Time for me to take a chill pill on all of this, and do what I love most, travel ofcourse! I'll be in touch and again a real pleasure corresponding with you :)

7-eleven is build on the concept of human traffic.
Many places suddenly lost human traffic for long period of time during the pandemic era so I guess that's why many of their stores are not viable.

Exactly. Thanks for stopping by and leaving an informative comment. :)

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