Day trip to the Phi Phi islands and more

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Hello everyone,

I am back once again after exploring some more of beautiful Thailand. This time I visited the South and spent a week in Phuket. It's different down there compared to Bangkok and it was a really good time. I spent some time in Patong and even went on a day trip to some of the smaller islands outside of Phuket. Saw some really amazing places there and spent most of the time in the water.

I was really lucky with the weather since it had been raining almost every day but on the day of the trip the sun came out and it got really hot. I managed to get a pretty bad sunburn lol.


The first place we went to was called Monkey Island and it was the first place I had seen with such beautiful water and the finest sand ever. It's actually supposed to be full of monkeys but we didn't see any. As the tour guide said, "sadly you can't book the monkeys".

After spending some time there and enjoying the water we made our way to the next island. I can't remember the names of all the places but in total, we visited 7 different islands.


The quality of my photos has improved a lot but sadly it is still not my own camera. I got to borrow it from a friend for a few photos here and there. I am looking into getting a similar camera for myself though. I like the quality of these pics. This place was near a place called the Viking cave and it was amazing. You could just be on your back in the water and look at these insane cliffs. I could have stayed there for days.


You can see here that the place is really popular and it was filled with small boats full of tourists enjoying the views and the beautiful water. I saw so many cool fishes in the water that I had never seen before and it was amazing since I had not been snorkeling or even swimming in a long time. I enjoyed every minute of it.


This was one of the last places we visited. It's called Maya Bay and it was another beautiful island. You can't swim in this water sadly because of preservation I guess. It was still a great time though. You have to walk on this path for a while to get from the pier to the beach and the whole island is magical. The only thing that wasn't good was that it was filled with mosquitos when you walked through it. Mosquitos love me and they always wanna ruin my day lol. We didn't spend too much time on this island sadly because we had some trouble with the boat on the way and we had to change to another boat. We lost a good hour there so it was time to go back to mainland Phuket.


After all this, it was finally time to start going home. We did visit a few other islands but I didn't take photos of all of them because I spent most of the time in the water. Which I don't regret at all because the water in these places is amazing. After that, I went back to Phuket and it was time for a night out. Went to watch some Muay Thai fights and after that, I went to the gun range. Was a pretty good time since I didn't shoot any guns since the army.


That's it for today and I really hope you like the photos. I tried to get some good ones but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Gonna keep working on that when I get my own camera. Thanks again for the support so far and I hope to see you again in the next post. Peace out everyone!


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Keep the photos coming!

Hey thanks I am glad you liked the photos and I appreciate the tips. I will check it out for sure.

You're welcome. 🙂

This was quite an adventure. Your photos are really nice. It must have been heartbreaking to visit and not be able to swim in that gorgeous blue water.

Thanks for sharing.
Read through ListNerds

Have fun man. Thailand is amazing

Yeah it's been really great man. Can't believe I waited this long to come here.

Dayum the 2nd and 3rd shot are insane, yah you should definitely invest in a camera, I could watch photos like these all day.

Looking forward to more!

Yeah they turned out pretty good. Will do that for sure sometime soon. Thanks I am glad you liked them.

I agree those are, in my opinion, the best ones of the series :)

It would be cool to see it in reality and take a boat ride ⛵ 🥰

Beautiful shots of islands! What an amazing adventure that must have been for you. And you even went for a night out and to a gun range :)

Yeah it was a perfect day from start to finish haha.

Awesomeness! Happy for you :)

Wow!!! Beautiful place.

I admire the beauty of this island! I with my daughters a dream to visit Thailand.

Well I hope you get to visit it soon. It really is an amazing country.

Wow! I hope I one day can travel there! It has been a dream for so long😁 Consider yourself lucky😎

I hope one day you can too. It's been a dream of mine for a long time and I finally made it.


Wow island.verry beautiful land

Good looking pics! I must visit Thailand some day.

Thanks! I really recommend you do if you have the chance.

Wow, that is quite a nice read, you certainly had an awesome time in Thailand, it has such beautiful and tranquil places.

Yeah never seen any place like this before. I love it!


It is waiting for us..

Hahaha yeah damn I miss Raft

Hope you're all good my man! When will you be back?

beautiful shots! thanks!

Thank you!

Did I tell you already how much I love islands? :D even though I've only been visiting one so far. But the water, silence, wilderness and everything seems so different there!

Hahah I really love islands too. Actually grew up on a pretty small island. The vibes are always great. Hope you get to visit some more soon :D

So on my list of places to go....

Haha yeah it's been on my list for ages.

I am a Filipino and Thailand is on my bucket list, one of the places I really want to visit.

Well the Philippines are on my bucket list haha.

Nice shots dude!

Thanks man I appreciate it.

Beautiful photos. Thanks to Hetty and Listnerds, I got to see it. Do consider using the tag - neoxian on all blogs.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

7 different islands?!!.. wow! That was quite the tour.

I love the photos too. Looking forward to more posts of your explorations🤗

Yeah I am really glad I decided to go on the tour. It was totally worth it.

I can see that💯

Good trip)
Beautiful views! ❤
I love walking by the sea 🥰

It was amazing. I really love that too.

Sounds like you had a great day and the photos are great. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks it was an awesome day.

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