Surajkund Natural "Hot Water Spring" (18 Pic) - Barakatha, Jharkhand

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Nature has many gifts. It has well spread over many areas. And one of them is the natural hot water sources that comes out from no where. From the soil, from mountain or from anywhere. Nobody ever able to trace out its sources. I heard of it many a times but never seen them. Today I take a trip down to see the hot water spring which is close to 10 KM from away my home. On reaching there I found many people taking a dip on it for a cause. This is going to be interesting.


I never expected that we able to see this crowded scene from the place. Popularly known as Suraj Kund Hot Water Spring is now evolved into a religious place. With people developing different faith over the place. For localities it turned into a religious place.


Surajkund hot spring (also called Surya Kund) is a natural hot spring in Belkapi gram panchayat of Barkatha CD block in Barhi subdivision of Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand.

Situated in middle of nature and surrounded by local jungle and mountains and fields, the place is a kind of isolated place with very few people aware about it. But recently getting priority with an welcome gate constructed in middle of the road. Even the local authorities are showing interest in development of the area.


The place is named as SurajKund because the hot water sources. Suraj means Sun and kund is the little pond. So as the sun blazes heat the place has warm water and accoedingly has started to get noticed with Suraj kund.

The place is now turned into a worshipping place, with thousands of devotees visiting the place to see and take a dip. And when it comes to worshipping Indians are quick to make temple structure, so you will find few small temples as you get inside the place.


And few shops selling worshipping g or offering items.


The water temperature is so hot that people started to worship at this place.
The normal temperature of water here is 169-190 degree Fahrenheit. It is said that you can easily cook rice over the water. The main kund I.e source of water too is now turned into a worshipping g place and you may end up watching priest doing some formalities to get something in return.


Hot water vapors like of steam welcomes me at the kund. Enclosed with boundary wall from all side, the source of hot spring water were at the bottom. The place never dry, and you will find hot water throughout the year. Here are the few snaps of the vapor I managed in between the crowd.








People and devotees have developed a different belief of the place. They assume that by bathing on the this water, they will get rid if all skin problem. Even some of the scientists confirmed that
'The water has a therapeutic effect due to high Sulphur content'.

Keeping the faith on people sentiments, the state government built a seperate bathing area.


The hot water from the main source were diverted to a makeshift bathing area, a little distant away. It was well covered from top and structured using Iron shades and rods.


A big fair is held here every year during the festival of makar shankranti (14-Jan). People from far off places vist this places to take a holy bath in the hot water. But now the place is getting too dirty, as many people started using soaps at the bathing area.


As the area is surrounded by tribal people and most of the visitors are tribal, they completelly ignore the message of not using soaps at the place. This results in makinh the water dirty. The water has turned black, and still people keep taking dip with their faith of cleaning their skin.



I visited the place too to take a bath in hot spring water. But once looking at the dirty scene, I took step back. Rather than getting the benefits I might end up calling other disease. I think the management must have a taken a note of the polluted water and do something soon to clean them.

Still the localities can happily been seen taking the bath in the water and enjoying their moments. It was good to explore some local culture of the tribal. But in process they are polluting the natural source of hot water. A gift that many like to preserve.


Namaste @steemflow.


I'd love to see a hot water spring and of course dip myself in it. I think there may be a volcano somewhere that heats up the water because in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks when they had such hit water spring they said it was the source of the volcano that was a little close by. Its just my speculation though. The water that has a lot of vapor rising out of it seems to be extremely hot, do people take baths in that one as well?

It was not from any volcanic eruption ....our area is full of jungle and other mineral resources and people engage in farming......even the people were clueless about the source of you saw in pic it was really hot with steam rising to high.....this is real and absolutely natural.

Wow! I'm amazed. That's awesome

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