Share Our World: Washington National Cathedral

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I am so excited to share this beautiful gothic cathedral with you today.

If you are going to DC this is definitely a place you should put on your "to visit" list. It is 3 miles northwest of the White House (downtown). It is a little complicated to get to using public transportation. I took the metro to the Woodley Park-Zoo stop and walked the 1.2 miles. There are buses that go along that route too.

Gothic Architecture

Once you get there you are greeted with this great Gothic architecture.

Here is a view of the flying buttresses from the top floor.


The walk up to the cathedral was also full of blossoming flowers

I loved the flowers. Dogwoods are some of my favorite flowers.


Another thing that I really liked is the arches.

I went on a tour. I always do tours of places to learn about them. It was amazing.

Fun Facts

It took 83 years to build (1907-1990)
There are 231 stained glass windows
It is the highest point in DC at 301 feet tall and 676 above sea level
There are 112 gargoyles
There are at least 6 chapels


War Memorial ChapelChildren's ChapelBethlehem Chapel
Chapel of St. Joesph of ArimatheaDon't remember the nameResurrection Chapel

Resurrection Chapel

I was totally amazed at the mosaic art in this chapel.

Here is a stunning mosaic you see as you enter the chapel.

Then you turn around and see these gorgeous dark mosaics.

And of course the stained glass! I did a whole post of it earlier in the month Art Talk: Stained Glass Windows at the National Cathedral. Here are a few.

One of the most interesting things about the stained glass in this cathedral is that it was a mixture of religious and American history.

This piece is called Space Window and has a piece of lunar rock in it that was brought back in 1969 from the Apollo 11 mission. Here is a great video of the window.

Bishop's Garden

I have shared so much with you and there is one more place I want to highlight, it is the Bishop's Garden. It was in bloom and so wonderful in April when I was there.


I will end with some beautiful details

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The times i visited DC it was for work and I never had free time to explore the area, I may have seen this cathedral while driving around.

I wish I had after seeing your post, but you highlighted so well for us all what an amazing cathedral it is

Thanks so much Jay. It is pretty far up in Northwest DC. I did see it from the top of the Washington Monument.

The very top left building.

How gorgeous! Gothic architecture is so beautiful, amazing and detailed. And that garden perfectly complements the whole environment. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs ❤️.

Thank you so much @lauramica. I agree the garden and the cathedral go so well together.

Sara, it's beautiful and a beautiful presentation of it.

I haven't been there since 1980-before it was finished. I wandered around some then, but much of the masterpiece of it wasn't so apparent. The fact is I thought it was just way over done and a mockery of what it pretended to be. I don't think that any more.

Thanks for a truly great presentation of what has become a national treasure.

Thank you so much @bigtom13 Your comment really means a lot.

I absolutely love how you presented this!

I live in Washington, DC Metro, and I was delighted to see the post. Your pictures capture it so well and you came at such a great time. I see you went GW and live in Mesa. I lived in Gilbert for almost two years. It was nothing like I expected and I cannot believe I missed it so much when I left. It is very different but so awesome with the colors and the sunsets and and and...It was the first time I moved away from New England.

Anyway, it was so nice to scroll through, I love that place and you are right, it is inconvenient to go to, but, I usually park right over at St. Alban's.

Thank you for sharing that!

Thank you so much @dswigle that is so nice of you.

That is great that you lived in Arizona for a time and I lived in Virginia for a time. I don't think I realized how gorgeous the end of April is there and I had never seen so many Azaleas, they were especially great this year.

Yes, with a car it would be much easier to get to. :)


I do love this place. I'm very much hoping to get back there sometime next year! I need to update my photos LOL. And my husband has never seen it.

It was incredible and taking the tour and learning all about it made so much difference for me. I hope you do get back with your husband!

We're planning an American history trip in that part of the country sometime next year and I plan to include this.

Yay I am so glad. That will be wonderful. Where else do you plan on going?

Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, DC, and possibly Philadelphia.

112 gargoyles is a lot!

Those mosaics are incredible looking. So colorful.

That's a really nice looking church indeed.

Yes, I am going to do an Art Talk on the mosaics. There were stunning.

Wow, that's an incredible piece of architecture, very imposing too! I also enjoyed the glasswork, the artwork is very modern, which is quite surprising for a cathedral. Cheers!

Hi @edprivat. Yes, I am sure it is very interesting for you being from France to see a Gothic cathedral built in the 1900s.

Beautiful, gothic very nice

Hi @photohaus thank you. How are you doing?

Hi. thank you. More or less normal)

Oh that is good to hear.

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You're welcome!

Oh wow!!!! Very beautiful place

Hi @chanmaly thanks so much for your comment

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Wow - thats an impressive place !

@hoosie Thanks for your comment and the luvshares. For some reason you posted 5 times.

Oh - sorry about that, I was away from home and had really odd internet access - must have been that - apologies. Great post though !