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RE: Travel Story: Bombs Away | Derbyshire | United Kingdom

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My grandfather was from Derbyshire, and my mMUm was born there, in Hull. Victorian structures are pretty awesome - there's some incredible architecture in England that never fails to amaze me - bridges, follys, dams, canals - just extraordinary.


I'm glad to have a comment from you again.

The canals are something else, aren't they? I love them, even more so when I discovered they were built, from the zero. I cycled a lot alongside the canals from town to town while in the UK. The 'elevator' (not sure how they are called) system to lift the boats up and down are just perfect.

Oh, that's the 'locks' (the elevators). Amazing aren't they? We stayed on a dutch barge for a couple of weeks during the first lockdown - pretty amazing to experience river life to that extent. One day we'd like to buy a boat and travel those canals a bit more. Have you read 'The Unlikely Story of Jack De Crow'?

Yiiis, the locks! I've never read that one. I'm waiting for some paperwork to build my caban in the woods, when, hopefully, I'll have plenty of time to read. It bugs my mind that I wast so much time without accomplishing anything (cellphone's fault). I'll set it as a goal: read more!