Traveling With Love #33 - The Hot Sopot of Tricity

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Hello! I had been posting some traveling blogs lately from my journey to Tricity. While I am still building up to the main part of the trip - Gdansk - we are getting quite close! Gdynia and Hel were great, but they did not have any known landmarks or so. Sopot is a city that is different in that regard, as it has something that puts it apart.

It is the smallest town of the Tricity and known as the nightlife hotspot. That said, we did not party in there - I wish, but we had way too tight of a schedule to end up being hungover. We were in Sopot in the evening of one of the days. It was just about 4-5 hours and a part of that was spent in an amazing restaurant. To be honest, that was very lucky - we were in this fairly long line, but due to people in front of us not wanting to rush their food, we were offered a table for just an hour, until reservations come in. Then, a lot happened and we somehow ended up staying there for 2 hours and enjoying a full course meal with dessert.

The rest of our time was spent on the pier and walking around in the city - but you'll find out about that further in the post!

Longest Pier in Europe

Sopot really has two big attractions; well, aside from supposedly being the nightlife portion of the Tricity. There's the Crooked House, which I will cover in the tiny paragraph below, as well as the longest pier of Europe, which is actually really impressive. We got there by Uber from Gdynia and really wanted to get to the pier before it gets too late, as it was already pretty cold. Considering how windy it can be on such a long pier, going later would certainly mess up our experience.

It was huge. Sure, I did not expect a small pier considering its claim to fame as the largest in Europe, but it exceeded my expectations. Getting all the way to the end took us quite a bit of time and made us freeze completely. Keep in mind we were not exactly wearing the perfect clothes for the weather.


As you can see, we started off by taking pictures in the spot clearly designed for it - that's actually a pretty cute incentive and I like this sort of a way to let people take photos, while promoting your city.

Let's be completely honest, walking a pier is not some super exciting activity. It is relaxing, it is pleasant, but there's really not that much to tell. We took lots of pretty photos, for which we had to take off our jackets - just to make them even more pretty. Believe me when I say I was quite cold.

What's better than looking at each other full of love?

Putting our jackets on, obviously.

Other than that, we got to experience some beautiful views and spent the bigger part of the evening on the pier, enjoying the sun slowly setting on the horizon. It was truly amazing, but we eventually got hungry, so we made our way to the second attraction.

That's the pier!(we're about.. 1/4? 1/5? of the way in here)

Here's a setting sun, from the pier.

One more!

The Crooked House

Alright, so what's the Crooked House? Well, it is a house and eh.. it's crooked. There is actually nothing more to it, I don't even think there's a proper story behind it, but it is making history, as it managed to win a competition for the.. weirdest house in the world? Something like that, anyway.

Whatever it is, I have to admit it looks cool and it's great to see live, take some photos. Other than that though, there's not much to it. The great part is that it is on the main street of Sopot, so it is impossible to miss it if you want to see the city! Here's some photos of the house.



I also have a picture of me, on the main street. Not the most exciting, but I'm running out of stuff to write about.


We ended the day with the restaurant thing I mentioned in the introduction, so here's one last picture - of the shrimps that we ordered. They were absolutely delicious, so if you're ever in Sopot, definitely try out "Śliwka w Kompot". It's a great restaurant!

Closing Words

It was a fun evening in Sopot, but the real fun came after - in our few days in Gdańsk. The pier was really big and impressive and I am happy we went to see the place - it was so enjoyable to walk around and take in the sea breeze; even if the temperature was not the kindest to us. Stay tuned for the upcoming Gdańsk posts!


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