Nabi Matta mountain and pine forests - more Syrian lands to explore

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Were you enchanted by the beauty of the sea and nature in Syria in the previous post? Come to see the beauty of snow and forests now!


Hello my friends, welcome to my third post here on Hive, I think I will stop counting after this post. Anyway, today I will take you on a tour to one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in Syria.




At an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level, and with forests extending over 650 hectares, our journey began last year.

The weather is cold almost all year round due to the high altitude and the snow covers the top of the mountain always, strong winds and a difficult climate, but a great destination to enjoy snow with friends




Cars cannot reach higher areas of the mountain, so we had to get out of the cars and continue on foot to the summit. The good news is that there is a horse farm, where you can ride horses and roam in the snow. It was a really scary but beautiful experience. I love horses and find them dignified creatures, but I was afraid of slipping because of the snow.

It took us a while to get to the top due to the thickness of the falling snow and the feeling of cold, so we decided to stop for some red wine, it will give us a little warmth and energy to continue the journey.



While continuing the walk, we saw bulldozers trying to open the road from time to time, the snow stopped falling a little and then continued, and the thickness of the snow in the areas that the bulldozers did not pass, reaches a meter and a half or more.

Wherever you look you will see snow covering the ground and pine trees reaching into the sky, you will feel your toes and nose freeze, but the enthusiasm and beauty of the scenery will make you forget the cold and want to continue to the top.





In the end when you reach the top, you will not be able to distinguish between heaven and earth, you will see white clouds touching the snow in a wonderful view, we spent time contemplating the scene, then we started throwing snowballs and taking pictures. In the end, you will find that there is nothing more beautiful than nature in all its conditions, in each season a different scene and a distinctive beauty that captivates the eyes.

We came home with some cold but snow, horses, woods, wine and great friends! It's worth !!



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Great post.My daughters adore horses.They would like to know riding a horse.They like everything connected to horses.You are doing well with your posts.
P.S If you didn't ,edit your post,put the pinmapple code under your post.Visit the site pinmapple ,find the place on the map ,the exact place you are writing about and copy the code,paste under your post.If you already did it sorry for mentioning it.It will bring you more votes.

Next time I go to the horse farm I will make sure to take exclusive pictures for your girls. Horse riding is beautiful, I hope your girls will be able to experience this.
I already did it but thank you for your concern, I appreciate it ❤️

A Syrian edition of princess Elsa of Arendelle! Nice post! I need this one! Temperature outside is about 40°C!

What a compliment from a romantic traveler! Thank you ❤️
It's hot here too, I think we both need some snow now

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I haven't tried riding a horse yet hihihi but I really to. And that's what snow looks like huh? How I wish I can also experience to see in person a snow and touch it. It really looks cold there.